Beauty Products For Sensitive Skin

beauty products for sensitive skin

Beauty products for sensitive skin.

If you have sensitive skin finding beauty products that don’t irritate it can be a bit of a drag. In this post I am sharing my sensitive skin beauty product recommendations along with some of the things you should avoid.

What is sensitive skin?

If you have sensitive skin your symptoms probably exhibit themselves in the following ways: You may find that your skin feels red, burny, itchy and dry and it is often very reactive to new skincare and makeup products. Weather and changes in environmental factors can also irritate sensitive skin.

Time to dive into my beauty product recommendations for sensitive skin:

Skincare first!

I’ve said it once and I will say it a million times. The happier your skin is the better everything will look and feel. Taking care of your sensitive skin is the first step to skin that doesn’t constantly feel irritable and dry.

What to avoid

When looking for skincare make sure you are looking for products that are fragrance free! This is so important! Fragrance is the number one irritant for sensitive skin and is 9 times out of 10 the reason your skin feels itchy and stings when trying new skincare.

Product Recommendation:

There really is nothing better than the Laroche Possay Toleriane Cleanser 

Laroche Possay Toleriane cleanser

It checks off all the boxes when it comes to sensitive skin. It is fragrance free, Dermatologist tested, formulated specifically for sensitive skin, it’s nourishing, hydrating, and moisturising. It also removes even the most stubborn makeup.

In my opinion this is one of the best value for money cleansers out there, a definite must for sensitive skin.

Follow it up with the Laroche Possay Toleriane Moisturizing Fluid or balm depending on if you want something a little more sheer or thick in terms of your moisturizer.

Toleriane moisturising fluid.

The Toleriane moisturisers are also formulated for sensitive skin and do not have any fragrance or alcohols in them which is exactly what we want to avoid when it comes to sensitive skin.

Now that our skin is feeling amazing let’s talk about Makeup.

What to avoid:

Avoid talc when possible. Products with talc seem to cause irritation and hives on people with sensitive skin. Avoid parabens and alcohol too and where possible opt for mineral pigment over synthetic dyes.


Rimmel Kind and Free Multistick 

REM Beauty mist thing calming mist.

Rimmel London’s Kind and Free Multi stick is the most fabulous cream blush, and it doubles as a lip product! It is outstanding for sensitive skin! In general, I always recommend cream over powder products for sensitive skin. Because sensitive skin is typically dry a cream product will sit and blend so much better on a sensitive skin type. And of course, we are avoiding talc.

  • This cruelty-free​, clean and vegan blush and lipstick multi-stick is formulated without perfume and mineral oils.
  • Delivers buildable highly pigmented color in perfect shades with an intensely moisturizing formula.
  • The nourishing formula infused with skin-loving ingredients glides on effortlessly.



Physicians formula diamond glow BB cream.

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Diamond Perfector BB Cream is perfect for spring as it features a gentle formula with soothing mineral water and is talc-free. Products in the Mineral Wear collection are created especially for extra sensitive and breakout prone skin.

This BB cream delivers the perfect medium coverage making it the ideal foundation product for the upcoming warmer weather.

Of course, use the Physicians Formula Butter Glow Concealer to correct any under eye darkness or blemishes. This concealer is full of amazing minerals and moisturizing ingredients that will have your sensitive skin looking flawless and radiant.

Physicians Formula Butter glow concealer.

Physicians Formula makeup is specifically formulated with your skin and comfort in mind. They use high-quality ingredients, leaving you looking and feeling beautiful from the inside out.


Eye makeup and the eye area in general can be super sensitive. We can also experience extra sensitivities as we age, go through hormonal shifts such as pregnancy, post-partum, and menopause.

Luckily Dr Hauschka has everything we need for sensitive eyes. The reason why these products are so outstanding is because they are all formulated with ingredients to soothe and nourish. They also use mineral based pigments instead of synthetic dyes.

Here are some of the fabulous products you can grab from Dr. Hauschka for sensitive eyes:

Eyebrow Definer

Define your brows with this amazing brow pencil.

dr Hauschka brow definer.

  • rose wax & beeswax to create fullness in the brow but also to nurture and protect.
  • Jojoba oil to nourish and sooth.

Eye and Brow Palette

dr hauschka eye and brow palette.

  • Leaves a velvety and silky feel due to the silk powder used in the product
  • Witch hazel & Anthyllis are soothing ingredients suitable for people with sensitive skin
  • A great all in one product for brows, or also use this product as an eyeshadow.
  • You can create looks from natural glam to smokey eye.


dr Hauschka eye shadow.

  • The composition of mineral pigments and plant extracts, such as black tea, nurtures the sensitive skin around the eye area
  • Silk powder allows this product to glide smoothly and leave a velvety finish


dr hauschka mascara.

  • The formulation gently coats and protects each individual eyelash with a composition of mineral pigments and plant extracts, such as quince extract and castor oil.
  • Neem Extract & Eyebright is a soothing and calming ingredient suitable for clients with very sensitive skin


This tip is going to be a total game changer for your sensitive skin. Keep a facial in your purse or in your desk drawer or both.

Sensitive skin tends to feel dry and uncomfortable throughout the day. By using a facial mist your skin will feel fresh and hydrated. As someone with dry and sensitive skin myself a facial mist is the best thing, I have ever invested in. I spritz my face before makeup, after makeup and anytime my skin starts to look parched and irritable.

My favourite facial mist of the moment is the r.e.m beauty mist thing calming face mist.

  • This calming face mist is designed to calm stressed-out skin with an ultra-fine, relaxing mist of soothing lavender, hydrating chamomile water and comforting rose moss.
  • The essential oils in this vegan formula help make your skin feel not soothed and super soft. Use it to prep skin before makeup application, or as a setting spray, or spritz on before bedtime.
  • Find this and other r.e.m. beauty products exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart in store or online.

I hope you enjoyed my beauty products for sensitive skin recommendations !

As always thanks for stopping by.

XO Shira



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