Dr. Hauschka Makeup Review

My Dr. Hauschka Makeup Review.

Dr. Hauschka
Dr. Hauschka

I was first introduced to Doctor Hauschka last year at an event hosted by Cabinet PR.

I can’t explain how magical and wonderful this brand is. The best way to describe the magic of this brand is like walking into one of the scenes from Alice in wonderland. I go to a lot of blogger events but the Doctor Hauschka event will definitely be stuck in my mind forever. I was fascinated by the story and the commitment this brand has to ensuring that its products are ethical and made with the cleanest ingredients possible.

It really is incredible to think that I have heard about this brand for so many years but once I discovered their core values and history I fell in love and I fell hard !

The history of the Hauschaka gardens :

Dr Hauschka started his journey in 1935. He was a doctor that believed in herbal and natural remedies. At that point in history this was considered radical and he was seen as a pioneer. When the war broke out Hauschka was arrested due to his contemporary views. Hauschka and his wife were moved around until they settled in Bad Boll/Eckwälden Germany where the offices, gardens and farms remain until today.

This story alone really speaks to me. How cool is t to think that Dr Hauschka was trying to remedy skin ailments and create natural and organic products as far back as the 30’s.

The products:

 The products I have tried from the Dr Hauschka line have left me speechless. And this doesn’t happen very often. For a brand that formulates their products with such  clean and toxin free ingredients the colours, textures and efficacy are out of this world.

Some of the products you have to try !

Lipstick –  These naturally formulated lipsticks have the most outstanding texture. The pigments are vibrant, beautiful and they feel outstanding on the lips. They are hydrating, easy to apply and stay on for hours on end. With Shea butter being one of the main ingredients it’s no wonder I can’t get enough.

Volume mascara:

Dr. Hauschka

Creates visibly thicker eyelashes! Made with damask rose wax. The only mascara that smells like a rose garden. The rose wax and the quince seed extract will protect and nourish every single lash.

Brow Shadow Palette:

Velvety matte colours offer depth to the eyes and create perfect eyebrows. Made with silk powder for the delicate skin and with black tea to treat and soothe the eye area. Perfect for even the most sensitive eyes.

Eye definer:

soft and silky formulation for an easy application. Made with shea butter and quince wax, it will moisture the gentle skin of the eyes. Comes with an  applicator to smooth the appearance of the line if needed.

The ingredients and values:

Dr Hauschka formulates their products from the most ethical and sustainable ingredients around. He was talking about sustainability way before the term was even coined.

Their actions are based on nature’s rhythms,

They value manual work,

see the merits of both a healthy compost and a rich harvest,

They are so committed to the environment that the electricity used in their facilities is 100% green certified electricity,

They pay for their employees transportation to and from work and have a car pool programme to ensure that their green footprint is as small as possible.

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In conclusion:

In conclusion there are so many wonderful things that this brand does. There really are not enough good things to say about the beauty of this brand and what they stand for.

I feel amazing when I pick up my doctor Hauschka products as I know that I am doing good for myself, my environment and I am supporting a brand that is rich in history and ethics.

I also love finding products to work with that are perfect for the most sensitive of skins and eyes.

If you are looking to update your fall makeup routine with some luxurious feel good products then look no further. With Dr Hauschka you get beautiful products, a company that is ethical and will make you feel good. And you can rest assured you are using products from a company that prides itself on taking care of the planet.

Please also check out their amazing skin care line !

Dr. Hauschka
Dr. Hauschka

Here is a link to a video I made using the products.




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