How to create a luxurious shower experience.

Shower essentials to elevate your morning routine: 

The shower is where you go rinse away the grit of the day (or prepare yourself for it if you shower in the morning). It’s the best place to cool off and warm up. It’s one of the only places you can really belt out those Broadway show tunes, judgment-free. Your shower, deserves to be lovingly dressed up with all the necessary beauty routine delights. I am sharing 5 ways to create a luxurious shower experience.

How to create a luxurious shower experience:

1- An easy way to elevate your shower routine is by buying products that come with a pump dispenser. It feels luxurious and you can access your favourite shower gels and scrubs with ease. 

Fruits and passion black rose scrub and cleanser

Fruits and passion black rose body scrub, cleanser and lotion:

  • Halfway between a scrub and a shower gel, this scrub body cleanser gives you the best of both worlds! Its formula gently exfoliates skin, leaving it clean, soft and delicately perfumed.
  • An additional way to get that pampered hotel feel in our at home routines is to buy a body lotion that matches your scrub. The symmetrical packaging will elevate your bathroom instantly. 
  • Gt yours here: Black rose scrub and cleanser

Black rose Body lotion: 

Shower essential black rose body lotion
  • A delightful light body lotion that will moisturise your skin and leave a delicate floral fragrance. Hydrate and softens the skin too. 
  • It’s a win win, pamper your skin and have something beautiful to showcase. 
  • Get yours here : Black Rose Firming Body Lotion

2- Pick a shampoo and conditioner that are fresh and vibrant. 

Maui Moisture’s Shine +Awapuhi Shampoo and Conditioner  

  • Achieve the shine you have always dreamt about with Maui Moisture’s Shine + Awapuhi Collection. Awapuhi is a ginger flower native to Hawaii and tropical regions is known as the “Shampoo Plant”. Awapuhi been used for centuries to soften and bring shine to the hair. Maui Moisture’s gingery blend is infused with Awapuhi extract and adds vibrant, luminescent shine.
  • All Maui Moisture products include a base of natural ingredients of 100% aloe juice and coconut water. They are free from parabens, silicones, sulfates, gluten, synthetic dyes, mineral oils. 
  • Available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall, Walmart and other major retailers for $10.99 each.

3- Follow your regular shampoo and conditioner routine with luxurious hair treatments. This is amazing for men and women alike. Enjoy more time practicing selfcare while nourishing their hair. 

OGX argan oil hair treatments 

OGX Hydrate & Repair + Argan Oil of Morocco Hair Mask

ogx hair treatment
  • With an extra powerful formula OGX Hydrate & Repair + Argan Oil of Morocco Hair Mask helps to intensely hydrate and lock in moisture. With argan oil of Morocco and silk proteins, this creamy blend helps detangles, delivering superior hydration and added inner strength.

OGX Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Extra Penetrating Oil

ogx penetrating hair oil
  • This powerful, potent blend infused with argan oil is perfect for damaged, coarse hair. Help bring your smoothness back with just a few restorative drops.

OGX is celebrating it’s AOM 10 year anniversary, here are some fun facts about AOM :

  1. OGX was the first mass haircare brand to use Argan Oil of Morocco as a primary ingredient. Now ten years later we are celebrating this iconic collection! #UncapTheLove with these best-selling haircare products that have spent ten years at the top! 
  2. Sold in over 40 countries already has 6 million units sold this year. Remains a top 2 best-seller year over year Uncap a bottle and #UncapTheLove!
  3. OGX Beauty is celebrating 10 years of their iconic Argan Oil of Morocco collection. OGX Beauty a champion in this hair care category
  4. Why we have an unconditional love for Argan Oil of Morocco in our hair: We always come back to this ingredient. It helps protects hair from damage, moisturizes and helps fight frizz, while creating a true sensorial experience.

Products are available at Shoppers Drug Mart and other major retailers.

4- Upgrade your towels

Turkish Towels

House of Jude Turkish towels 

Turkish towels like the name suggests are made from the highest quality Turkish cotton fibers. They are gorgeous to look at and provide a definite aesthetic upgrade from a regular towel they also : 

  • Dry in a fraction of the time: The unique weave of bamboo and Turkish cotton dry in a fraction of the time compared to regular towels.
  • Naturally anti- bacterial, you’ll never have to deal with that damp towel smell again.

Get yours here:

5- Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

water proof blue tooth speaker

Water resistant Bluetooth speaker: 

Listen to your favourite podcast or playlist while you shower. This will elevate your mood and create the best selfcare experience. 

6 -A bunch of Dry Eucalyptus 

Eucalyptus for  luxurious shower routine

Reap the benefits and joys of eucalyptus by hanging it in your showerShower steam helps activate and release eucalyptus oil compounds into the air. Allowing you to breathe them in. Use either fresh or dried leaves for to achieve luxurious spa like feel.

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