Must Have Makeup for 2024

Must have makeup for 2024.

Makeup and skincare products can be overwhelming at the best of times but with all the new innovation we have seen in the past year it can be especially intimidating. Lucky for you I have tried all the hottest new products, formulas and gimmicks out there so you don’t have to. While some were a total flop these ones are amazing! In this post I am spilling the tea on Must Have Makeup for 2024.

These products are also amazing gift ideas or a great way to jazz up your holiday party makeup looks.

1-Facial oil

I am obsessed with facial oils. I  have very dry skin and during the cooler months a moisturizer isn’t enough for me.

Since discovering beauty oils I feel like my skin has never looked better! Truly the most transformative step in my skincare routine.

Beauty oils are formulated to be non comedogenic, unlike regular olive and coconut oils they don’t clog your pores.

How to use:

Use as the last step in your routine at night. Like all skincare products a beauty oil works best when used as part of a routine.

Wash, apply your serum, moisturizer and then pop on your oil.

I don’t tend to use an oil in the morning because I don’t want it to interfere with my makeup.

My Recommendations: 


This Oil is my holy grail ! It is amazing for all skin types. If you have oily skin and experience dry cheeks you can use this too 🙂

A face oil rich in critical antioxidants and omegas 6 and 9 that moisturizes, nourishes, and visibly balances while restoring a youthful-looking glow.

Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Oil.

Or if you want a beauty oil that has more anti-aging benefits Drunk Elephant has us covered with their:


This amazing oil hydrates, nourishes, boosts skins radiance while helping even texture and tone.

Drunk Elephant A-Gloei Retinol Oil.

2- Liquid Blush

Liquid and cream blush formulas are all the rage! I honestly can’t remember the last time I bought a traditional powder blush… I am seriously obsessed!

As mentioned above, I have dry skin and as I get older I find that powder blush accentuates my dryness and fine lines.

I also love cream formulas because they wear beautifully throughout the day. They sit perfectly on the skin and last throughout the day.

I also love that they give a natural finish verses an obviously powdered look.

My Recommendations:


Add the perfect natural flush to your skin with this liquid skin tint. The pigment is absolutely gorgeous and will liven up your complexion instantly. The fluid texture melts right into the skin and gives it a perfect natural finish.

Dewy Cheek Tint.


With a unique jelly-powder formula, Soft Focus Matte Blush offers a cream-to-powder texture and specialized powders that help diffuse light to achieve the ultimate glow. This is a great option for anyone with an oilier skin type.

Quo Beauty Soft Matte Blush.


A lightweight, fluffy formula that easily blends into a natural, fresh glow. Easily blendable allowing you to control the coverage with your fingertips to achieve your desired flush.

QUO Beauty Featherweight Cream Blush.

3- Freckle Pen

The biggest trend we’ve seen this year are freckle pens. We are seeing faux freckles everywhere and I am a huge fan. At first I wasn’t really into this trend because I have naturally freckled skin and for most of my adult life I have been trying to cover them up. But after experimenting for a while I am obsessed. Pop a few freckles on top of your foundation and it gives natural fresh look to your makeup.

My Recommendation:


Create subtle or playful faux freckles that are long lasting. Vegan formula infused with rose water.

Jason Wu Freckle Pen.

4- Liquid Eyeshadow

If you want to spice up your eyeshadow game you need to get your hands on Liquid Eyeshadow. Unlike back in the day when cream shadow formulas would crease instantly, liquid eyeshadows dry on contact and stay put all day long ! They are quick and easy to use and are perfect for even the most beginner makeup enthusiast.

My Recommendation:


Armani long lasting liquid eye tint.

  • Armani Beauty’s Eye Tint Long-Lasting Liquid Eyeshadow is perfect for everyone looking for hassle-free, smudge proof and long lasting eyeshadow looks.
  • The Eye Tints offer a diverse selection with 13 shades such as Gold, Copper, Halo and Wood. These shades come in two finishes, shimmer and matte- providing options for both a radiant light-reflecting effect and a more subdued velvety appearance.
  • Armani Beauty’s Eye Tint Long-Lasting Liquid Eyeshadow is $43CAD, available at Holt Renfrew in store+online and on

5- DIY Lash Extensions

Save yourself a lot of time and money and pop on your own lash extensions. I can not believe how wonderful these are! I love a good lash moment and now I can enjoy lashe extensions for up to 2 weeks!

Product Recommendations:

Ardell has 2 incredible options available!

If you are a beginner start with these:

ARDELL Naked Lashes Trios

For beginner and intermediate users, these lashes are fully customizable and apply 3x faster than individual lashes. Offering up to 3 day wear, the kit includes 32 trio lashes in short, medium, and long, a longwear clear lash adhesive, and a lash remover.

Ardell lash trios.

ARDELL Naked Extensions

For more experienced users, these lashes are fully customizable and are most like salon applied lash extensions. They offer the longest wear of up to 2 weeks. The kit includes 56 3D Naked knot-free individuals in short, medium, and long, a semi-permanent clear lash adhesive, lash remover and tweezers.

Ardell naked lash extensions.

Which makeup must have will you be bringing into 2024 with you?

xo Shira

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