School Year Favourites

Eve is going into grade 2 which means we’ve had 3 years of school. This is our fourth year of doing the back to school routine and I think we have  nailed our shopping list. Below is a comprehensive list of our school year favourites !

School Year Favourites

During the last 3 years we have tried many different shoes, lunchboxes, water bottles, boots and everything in between. Let me save you a ton of time and money with our tried and true back to school favourites. I wish I had, had these insights prior to Eve starting school.

I didn’t link some of the products as these are pretty generic and things like mits, hats and pencils which can be found in most places.

School year favourites :

Back Pack

Lunch bag

Lunch box

We love this one because keeps food fresher longer and never smells funny like some plastic lunchboxes tend to.

Water Bottle

We have gone through hundreds of water bottles and these stainless steel ones from wonder co are the best. They have a spout which is a lot easier for kids to manage compared to other water bottles.



Snack Containers

Mabels Labels

You will need to label everything you send your child to school with. Mables Labels have been a back to school staple for us for the past 4 years. They are amazing and won’t come off in the wash. You need these!

Indoor Shoes

We love Natives for indoor shoes. They are lightweight and so easy to take on and off. Eve wears hers with socks.

Gap Leggings

Hatley Raincoat

Hatley Rain Boots



These boots are a little bit of a splurge but will keep your kiddos feet warm and dry in the fall. They do last a long time and the resale value is amazing.

Pencil Case




Pencil Sharpener


Hair Ties

Hand Sanitizer

Mask Lanyard

We made ours and these fun beaded lanyards make mask wearing fun for the kiddos!


Snow Pants 

Winter Jacket

Winter Boots 

Fall Jacket

Yoga Mat



Mit clips

Click here to download our school year check list:

School year check list

I hope our school year favourites make your life easier and take all the guesswork out of what to buy.

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