Things I Didn’t Know Existed Before Having a Baby

Hey new mamas and mamas to be,

I decided to write a post about the 10 things I did not know existed (but wish I did) before I got pregnant. I think it’s quite funny that I went through life totally oblivious to these things and still to this day wish someone had warned me about them. These 10 things are probably also the reason why my makeup routine changed so drastically when I became a new mom ;p

Shira and EveLittle Eve

So, check this out and be in the know:

1 – Mommy Facebook groups. There is a mom group out there for absolutely everything. In every city, on every topic, selling every product. Whatever you might need, there is a Facebook group for that. Most of it is amazing: Information galore, support networks right in your own neighbourhood, along with other local food, specialist and play group options. It is amazing what is out there for you to find. But be aware… everyone has an opinion and that opinion might not align with yours. Use FB to find what you need, but try to ignore those who like to spread negativity.

2 – Breast feeding doesn’t just happen. There are sooooo many reasons a woman could not breastfeed her child. Sometimes moms can’t produce enough milk. Sometimes there is a lactation problem. Sometimes it is excruciatingly painful for the mother. Sometimes the baby is allergic to the mother’s milk. And yes, that happens! Breastfeeding doesn’t happen for every mom and its not something us mamas can control. Be strong, soldier on and formula to the rescue. Find one that is right for you and feed that baby. (Pro tip: babies who are full will sleep better!)

After 12 stressful weeks of trying breastfeeding I decided to switch to a bottle. I genuinely tried everything I could to make the breastfeeding work and after 3 months I decided that everyone involved would be happier if I quit while I had a bit of my sanity left. Eve was way happier when she was full and satisfied from her formula and I could enjoy my baby because I wasn’t fixated on milk supply. Her favourite bottles were these and she loved them from the get go :

Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle 9 ounce:

Avent Bottles

3 – Your stomach doesn’t shrink right away. You will look 5 months pregnant for a good month or 2 after you give birth and that’s totally ok! Don’t buy into the fake ideals that are shoved down our throats. Take the time to heal and hide away with your baby if you can. Rest is best for everyone.

4 – You need an engineering degree to assemble most of the things you need for your baby. Ikea furniture is a gift from the devil. And I still never fully understood how the diaper genie works…

5- Not everyone’s water breaks. Crazy but true. Its not always like in the movies where the actress suddenly looks surprised and has a puddle at her feet. Sometimes you’re fully dilated, laying on the table ready to give birth and the nurse will come in to break your water before the final push. Don’t rely on your water breaking for you to recognize labour. Lack of movement in the baby, contractions, pain and bleeding are all signs you should head to the hospital. Read up and know more before you’re due.

6 – Every time you leave your house you’re basically going camping. When you have a baby, you pack so much gear to make sure you are prepared for any scenario. Babies are sneaky little things and will try to test your packing, survival and coping skills whenever you leave the house. See point 8 if you aren’t sold on having to pack 10 changes of clothes.

After trying several different diaper bags I found that this Back Pack worked best ! It’s so lightweight and spacious I am able to get everything I need in it while having my hands free because it’s on my back. WINNNN !! I highly recommend this bag.

Fjallraven – Kanken Classic Pack:

Fjallraven – Kanken Bag

7 – That after birth poop TMI  (sorry this is not glamourous) is pretty much the most terrifying experience in life. Why did no one warn me that this was going to be a way harder (no pun intended) than the actual birth part? I wish I had the option to get an epidural for this too. Please drink loads of smoothies that are high in fibre once you have your baby. This will be very helpful. ???? I found my Nutri Bullet to be a lifesaver !

Classic NutriBullet:

Nutri Bullet

8 – Exploding diapers. Who knew a teeny tiny baby could produce enough doodoo to explode through a diaper? Well they can!!! Poo will inevitably be everywhere and cover everything. Typically, this will happen when you are trying to get out the door in a rush. Or even once you arrive at a destination. Or any other time that you aren’t at home near a bathtub. Poo happens. Everywhere. Pack extra everything.

Also bring disposable diaper bags with you to put said soiled clothing in. Trust me these come in VERY handy :

Baby Works Disposable Scented Diaper Bags

9 – Everyone around you is a pregnancy and parenting expert. Trust me, even the 17-year-old barista at your local coffee shop will try and offer her opinion on how much caffeine you should be consuming during pregnancy. Most people mean well but you need to do what’s best (and what works) for both you and your baby.

I found this book to be very informative and useful. It’s pretty accurate and I found it to put my mind at ease.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting: 4th Edition:

What to Expect Book

10 – I totally underestimated how much love I’d have for the tiny little human I created. Yes. there are a few pitfalls and yes, it is 100{ffc41a0261ed05ce374f87a6f988b766f14a1350af7b2a992725234dc8fda538} more challenging than I ever imagined but there truly is nothing more rewarding than being a mama. To look down and see the person you brought into this world… it’s a revelation. You made them inside your body. They will always and forever be connected to you. It’s a world changing, life altering, awe inspiring thing.

Hopefully you find this list helpful and enjoyed the read. Reach out and let me know if you had any WTF moments throughout your own personal journey  ????

Xo Shira

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