2017 Holiday Gift Guide For That Special Mom in Your Life

You’re a mom. You have a mom. You know a mom. Moms are everywhere and we all seem to have that certain special mom who makes our lives more amazing. This Holiday Season celebrate that special mom in your life with the perfect gift! To help you pick the best gifts this season, I came up with an amazing holiday momma gift guide. It was inspired by the funniest movie of the year (IMO) Bad Moms Christmas and it I’m sure it will have something to please the pickiest of moms.

I think that I find the Bad Moms movies are so funny because they are so relatable. Who hasn’t felt mom guilt, or wanted to just have fun and cut out the worrying over the holidays? We are all juggling family members, kids, money, jobs and relationships while trying to look good and do our thang.

What better way to spoil the Bad Mom near you than to give them a gift to enhance their own personal beauty? Give them something that will help them feel good inside and look damn good outside. Even something as small as a new scented lotion can uplift your mama’s soul in no time.

Makeup Gift Ideas for Mom
Makeup Gift Ideas for Moms

But what beauty related gifts should you buy for that mom in your life? Every mom loves a bit of a pamper. A tinted balm, a delicious smelling new shampoo and conditioner, nail polish and alike. The sky is the limit when it comes to finding fun gifts and stocking stuffers for the holiday season.

To help you navigate the crazy world of gift giving, I’ve created this guide to help you pick the perfect guide for your own Bad Moms.

All you need to know is which Bad Mom you buying for. The main characters in the Bad Moms series each have their own style and flair. Whether smooth and sleek, demure and classy or even bold and glam… this list has something for every Bad Mom beauty enthusiast.

AMY – played by Mila Kunis. Amy’s style is sleek and simple. This type of Bad Mom is not flashy or gaudy but will always look put together. She seems to have an effortless beauty and likes the natural look. How does she do it?

Sleek Mom Look
The Sleek Mom Look

Hair – Somehow Amy manages to rock crisp sleek hair among all her craziness. Do you know a mama like Amy? She doesn’t want too much fuss, doesn’t like too much product but loves to look smooth and supple? Give your mom the gift of sexy, smooth hair.

I recommend Maui Moisture Nourish & Moisture + Coconut Milk Collection (Shampoo, Conditioner & Weightless Oil Mist). This is a super nourishing hair care collection that you’ll see effects from after the first shower. It has ingredients like Coconut Milk, Guava

Maui Moisture
Maui Moisture Coconut Milk Shampoo

Oil and Mango Butter that make your hair glow radiantly. With the Weightless Oil Mist, you can spray a bit in your hands and spread throughout your damp hair to leave it sleek and shiny by the time it dries.

To smooth out my hair I used the LeAngelique Titanium Straigtener. It glides through the hair and has it looking straight and shiny in minutes. To buy that special mom in your life ( or yourself ) a new straightener click this link : Titan Straightener 

Makeup – Her look is Sleek and Sassy. She always looks put together and effortless. This Mom shops at Aritzia, Anthropologie and Nordstrom.

Amy's makeup Picks
Amy’s makeup Picks

A Bad Mom like Amy would love: The following makeup products for her beauty routine. Click the links below to shop her favourite items:

A Smoky Eyeshadow Palette

A Serum Enriched Foundation 

A Beautiful Bronzer 

A Nude Lipstick

Here’s a video showing you how to achieve this makeup look:


KIKI – played by Kristen Bell. Kiki is a bit of a preppy mom. She has a style that is pretty straight-laced and a little on the ‘square’ side. Comfortably conservative, classically tailored and majorly modest. I love playing with traditional styles and I can’t seem to get enough of Kiki’s cute and classic vibe. Moms like Kiki Shop at J Crew and Banana Republic.

The Preppy Mom
The Preppy Mom

Hair – Kiki is able to maintain her beautiful blonde color and that adorable bob despite being over-burdened and under-appreciated. Her hair looks like she just had a session with her stylist, not a playdate with the hellion twins from down the street. How does she do it?!

To help your Bad Mom maintain that beautifully blond look, I recommend OGX Hydrate & Color Reviving + Lavender Luminescent Platinum Shampoo and Conditioner. These products target platinum blonde hues by using lavender oil and chamomile to conquer lack-luster hair, faded color and brassiness. This is a must-have for the blond bombshell of a mom on your Christmas list.

OGX Lavender Shampoo
OGX Lavender Shampoo

To get wavy texture in my hair I used the LeAngelique 25mm styling want. This tool is fool proof and my hair was styled in seconds. The waves held up alll day too. Buy your own curling wand here : 25mm curling wand 

Makeup: Kiki’s Makeup is fresh and vibrant. A bad mom like Kiki would love the following makeup products to add to her beauty routine. Click the links below to shop Kiki’s favourites:

Kiki's Makeup Picks
Kiki’s Makeup Picks

This Juice Beauty Holiday Set has everything a mom like Kiki would want – Organic Primer, blush, mascara and an eco friendly brush for application.

Juice Beauty Mascara 

Juice Beauty Blush 

Juice Beauty CC Cream 

Clinique Tinted Lip Chubby Sticks 

Fresh Lip Treatment Holiday Set !! 🙂

Here’s a video showing you how to achieve this makeup look:


Carla – played by Kathryn Hahn. This kind of Bad Mom is the life of the party. Her style is bold and flashy and she is never the type to blend into her surroundings. This mom wants the world to stop, stare and take notice! Be prepared to get this Bad Mom something that will help her stand out, or be on next year’s naughty list. moms like Carla shop at Guess, Marciano and Honey.

The Life Of The Party Mom
The Life Of The Party Mom

Hair – Carla has a mane of thick, luxurious hair that she keeps looking on-point even with the kids (and her own mother) running around. How does she do it?!

For your bold Bad Moms I recommend the OGX Frizz-Defy/Moisture + Shea Soft & Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner. These are an entirely silicone-free and sulfate-free hair care line to moisturize and de-frizz dry, thick hair. It treats coarse tresses with shea butter, agave nectar and coconut oil to build hair that looks healthy with a silky, shiny glow. Help your daring diva maintain her mane with these amazing holiday gifts!

OGX soft and smooth line
OGX soft and smooth line

To achieve Carlas Volume I used the Le Angelique 32 mm curling wand to get that ultra big hair look. Give the gift of voluminous hair by clicking here : 32 mm curling wand 

Makeup: Carla opts for a bold and sexy makeup look. Smokey eyes and glossy lips are what the doctor ordered for this mama.

Carlas Makeup Picks
Carlas Makeup Picks

A Bad Mom like Carla would love to get these makeup gifts. Click the links below to shop my favourites:

Charlotte Tilburry Rock Chick  Eye Shadow Quad 

Charlotte Tilburry Blush in Ecstasy 

A Full Coverage Foundation – Dior Forever 

Lise Watier Highlight Palette     

Lise Watier Volumizing Mascara 

To see how I achieved Carla’s look watch this tutorial :


I hope I helped ease some of those winter blues with this gift giving guide!

Think about getting some of these amazing products for that special Bad Mom in your life, or perhaps even for that secret Santa mom you need to buy for at the office. These gifts could also be amazing for stocking stuffers, gift exchanges or perhaps Chanukah presents. There is always a mom to pamper and these products will do just that.

Happy Holiday Giving!

Lots of <3

~ Shira

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