Threading – Facial Hair Removal

Need to get rid of some unwanted facial hair ? Then this is the post for you. Continue reading to find out why I favour threading over other hair removal options.

Upper lip Threading
Upper lip threading

This is a post about hair removal. Specifically, on how to remove unwanted hair from your face.

There are a lot of different ways to go about hair removal like waxing, lotions, shaving and plucking… just to name a few. But I want to talk to you fabulous ladies and gents about threading. Threading is an amazing way to shape your brows, remove hair from the upper lip, cheeks, chin and sideburn area. Threading can also be done on arms if the hair is very fine.

Brow shaping with threading
Brow shaping with threading

If you are going to venture into the world of threading, just know in advance that threading cannot be done on the leg, bikini or other areas where the hair is coarser and tougher. This note is also applicable to my gentlemen readers: you cannot thread your beard and moustache. Beard and mustache hair tend to be coarser and often difficult to remove using the threading technique. However, it is still an excellent way to shape a man’s brow… so fear not the thread and give your brows a try.

What is it?

Threading is quite literally what the name suggests: it’s hair removal that requires the use of a thread. The cotton threat is twisted to pull hair from the follicles quickly and relatively painlessly. The technician will have a thread that he/she weaves into a loop which is used for removing excess hair. It is a very neat process. The hair gets caught between the thread, wound up and plucked.

There is no one country that claims to be the originators of threading, but this art of hair removal can be seen the furthest back in the middle east, China and India.

Why you should consider threading over waxing:

1- It’s less irritating for the skin. Waxing is very harsh especially on the face area. It basically rips the first layer of skin off and can be very traumatizing to the delicate skin on the face.

2- Waxing around the eyes on a regular basis can lead to premature aging. The skin around the eyes is extremely delicate and when it’s pulled and tugged by the wax it can really damage the skin.

3- Waxing can lead to burning. Threading is safe, virtually pain free and leaves no residual burn on your skin.

4- Waxing can lead to blistering. Again, threading is safe. It will leave your skin less red and less irritated that many traditional hair removal methods.

5- Threading will leave your skin smoother than traditional methods. Both men and women are prone get ingrown hairs from waxing. Skip the hassle of covering up those bumps and imperfections by threading your brows instead of waxing.

6- Threading is the most natural way to remove hair. There are no harsh chemicals involved, no artificial colours, products or smells. Completely safe, hypoallergenic and organic.

7- Threading is a very quick process. There is no layering of waxes, or waiting for the cooling or the ripping. The threading process takes virtually no time at all and it will have you back into the swing of your busy schedule in no time flat.

8- Makeup application is more even on a threaded upper lip/ brow area compared to a waxed area. Since your skin will have less irritation and red bumps, makeup will look amazingly even and balanced on your newly threaded skin.

No harsh chemicals used for threading
100% chemical free

I have been threading my brows and upper lip since as far back as I can remember. There were a couple instances where I had to opt for waxing (as I was travelling and couldn’t find a spot that offered threading) and the difference for me was dramatic! The area around my brows was bright read and inflamed. My upper lip was tingly and the hair grew back a lot faster and thicker. I feel that when I tried waxing, my skin was aggravated and the results were disappointing compared to when I get threading done.

Threading has so many advantages compared to waxing and it is comparable in both price and pain. In my opinion, if you need your brows shaped or light facial hair removed, you should give threading a try!

And if you live in the East end of Toronto you can get your thread on here :

Or read this article on the top brow bars in Toronto and book yourself an appointment 🙂

Let me know your thought on all of this I would love to know if you’ve ever tried threading vs waxing.

Xo Shira

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