2023 Beauty Favourites

2023 beauty favourites. In my line of work I try hundreds if not thousands of beauty products every year. Needless to say it takes a lot for a product to leave an impression on me. In this post I am sharing 6 beauty products from various categories that I know everyone will love and enjoy. We still have four months left of this year so there is still time to try my 2023 Beauty Favourites.

Starting off strong with the skincare category:


1- philosophy, dose of wisdom serum 

Philosophy dose of wisdom serum.

This serum is the perfect jumpstart to any skincare routine. If your skin is looking and feeling dull and blah then this serum is exactly what you need.

It can be layered into any skincare routine which is what makes it so special. Not only is it easy and convenient to use the ingredients work double time because of the patented vitality oxygen booster that helps the ingredients deliver optimal results.

It is enriched with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid which means brighter and more hydrated skin instantly 🙂

Since I started to incorporate this serum into my routine, my skin looks firmer, bouncier and so much healthier.

I also love the lightweight texture. Texture is really important to me because I need my skincare to sit well under makeup and this one checks off that box!

This serum is suitable for all skin types and you will absolutely love it if these are your concerns: Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Dullness, and Loss of Firmness and Elasticity.

2- Neostrata, Rebound Sculpting Cream

Neostrata rebound sculpting cream.

Another skincare product that has blown me away is the Neostrata Rebound Sculpting Cream.

There are a lot of moisturizers on the market that hydrate and smooth the skin but what is so special about this one is the sculpting element. It’s formulated with a unique peptide discovered by Neostrata. It’s called the microdipeptide229 and it’s 2.5x smaller than other peptide molecules allowing for easy absorption into the skin.

Peptides are an incredible skincare ingredient because they strengthen the skin which is what helps sculpt the jawline and other areas on the face that need a little lift.

I can’t get over the results and think everyone needs to try this moisturizer.


3- Sally Hansen, Miracle Gel Color Grip Primer 

Sally Hansen color grip primer.

If you have been following me for a while you know that the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polishes are my absolute favourite when it comes to a DIY at home mani. The polish wears like a gel manicure that you get at the salon but you don’t need any fancy lights or equipment with it.

Paint it on let it dry and enjoy:) Remove like you would any other nail polish.

When I saw that they had launched a primer I was over the moon! The Miracle Gel Color Grip Primer smooths and preps nails and helps my nail polish last longer!

I can now enjoy 8-10 days of chip free nails. I think this is the epitome of innovation. If like me, you love to do your nails at home I can not recommend this product enough.


4- Burberry Goddess Eau de Parfum

Burberry Goddess eu de parfum.

I don’t typically talk about fragrance because I don’t consider myself an expert on the topic but I do know what I love and the Burberry Goddess not only smells like heaven it gives me an extra pep in my step every time I wear it.

With notes of vanilla and lavender this unique gourmand fragrance takes my breath away every time I wear it.

For years I didn’t wear fragrance because of personal health issues and during mask mandates and I truly didn’t realize or appreciate how much a perfume can change my mood.

If you love and adore Vanilla scents as much as I do then you must grab this divine fragrance!

I included it in my beauty faves of 2023 because not only do I love the way it smells I also love what it does for my confidence. I definitely feel like I walk a little taller when I wear this fragrance.

5 – Gucci Flora Gorgeous Magnolia Eau de Parfum

Gucci Flora Gorgeos Magnolia Eau de Perfum.

I know I said I don’t typically talk too much about fragrance but when I tell you my jaw hit the floor the first time I tried this Gucci Gorgeous Magnolia Eau de Parfum I am not exaggerating.

Initially drawn to this perfume because of the bottle. I love anything purple as you know so it makes sense that this drew me in.

But beyond the stunning colourful Gucci packaging the fragrance is pure joy in a bottle.

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Magnolia is a radiant blend of Magnolia Essence, Dewberries Accord, and Patchouli Essence.

I had to include it in my 2023 faves because it’s so refreshing and makes me feel so happy whenever I spritz it on. It’s a good mood in a bottle which in my books is award worthy.


6- COVERGIRL Clean Fresh Yummy Gloss 

COVERGIRL clean fresh yummy gloss.

I could talk about makeup forever and a day but the product that I love most and that I really feel everyone needs is the COVERGIRL Yummy Gloss.

If you follow me on social media @simply_shira you will know that I talk about the product non stop.

I am an avid lip oil fan and this yummy gloss wears like a high end luxury lip oil for less than $10. Enriched with açai, goji berry, and elderberry your lips will feel nourished, hydrated and look better than ever!

The texture, scents and finish are perfection and it deserves a spot on my 2023 must try beauty products list!

Hope you like my 2023 Beauty Favourites !

Of course there are other products that I can’t live without but unfortunately I couldn’t include all of them here.

If you want to see more of my product reviews and recommendations follow me on IG @simply_shira 

I would love to hear all about your beauty faves.

Xo Shira 


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