Beauty Brows by Yael: Toronto Microblading Review

Before I go into reviewing my experience of Brows by Yael, a Toronto Microblading artist, let me first start with eyebrow journey.

I was born with niceish eyebrows then the 90’s trend of the skinny over plucked brows became a thing. I couldn’t get enough of the trend and started plucking my brows every day to make sure they were as skinny and trendy as possible.

Natural Eyebows before Brows by Yael Microblading Procedurepre-microbladed brows

I was young when I started the plucking around 13 or 14 and not only did I like the way the skinny brows looked I also really enjoyed the feeling of plucking.

It became a feeling of release and I became obsessed with plucking. There would be days that I got upset because I wasn’t able to pluck. Fast forward to about 10 years of constant plucking and I was left with sparse shapeless brows that didn’t grow back.

The trend in brows started to change and the fuller brows became the rage. Being in the beauty industry it really upset me that I couldn’t achieve the look that was so coveted.

In the morning, it would take me 20 minutes to draw on my brows. Drawing on brows is a lot of work, they must be symmetrical, a flattering shape, a suitable shade. It was very time consuming and I would always be worried about rubbing my brows off throughout the day.

When summer rolled around the fear of sweating my brows off was real. I couldn’t stomach the idea of walking around in public sans brows and I am sure this resonates for many women who weren’t born with the brows they want.

Through my work as a makeup artist I started seeing clients with beautifully “tattooed” on brows that looked gorgeous and natural. I was intrigued and couldn’t believe how microbladed brows could transform the appearance of my clients faces.

I knew I wanted to go for it but was VERY nervous. What if they ended up looking ridiculous? What if they were too thick? What if it looked bad? What if I didn’t like the shape?

But I didn’t like my brows already and I figured worst case scenario I would be stuck drawing around the new micro bladed strokes.

Brows by Yael: Microblading Review

I started to do a lot of Toronto microblading research as I wanted to make sure I found the perfect person for the job. I found Yael Malkin through a community mom group I am a part of. Local moms were raving about this magical brow lady and posting their incredible before and afters.

I reached out to her and knew instantly that I wanted to be her client. She was warm friendly and replied almost immediately. I booked my appointment and fantasized about the big day.

At the time, Brows by Yael operated her beauty business out of her beautiful in-home studio I immediately felt relaxed and comfortable. She took her time explaining the process and an even longer time drawing on my shape and making sure I was happy. She listened to me and never tried to push me out of my comfort zone.

measuring my brows

Eyebrow Microblading tools of the trade

Eyebrow Microblading FAQ

  • How long does the procedure take:

The actual microblading procedure took about 10 minutes and I opted to go without the numbing.

  • Was it painful you ask?

Well it was less painful than I imagined it would be, it was uncomfortable but not more uncomfortable then getting your legs waxed. It was totally manageable.

Eyebrow Microblading Blade at Brows by Yael

Yael went through the aftercare routine before I left which is pretty basic. For a week you can’t get your brows wet so wash your face with a washcloth and avoid the brows.

Get creative with washing your hair. No intense workouts that will lead to sweat getting on the brows and use bees wax on your brows twice a day to protect the pigment. It was really easy and my brows healed beautifully with minor flaking.

bees wax used for healing

I was fine immediately after and was able to drive home without a problem. The only problem I had on the way home was constantly stopping to admire my gorgeous new brows.

How much does Microblading in Toronto Cost?

Getting eyebrow microblading in Toronto isn’t cheap. It ranges from $350 – $700 depending on where you go. Brows by Yael cost me $450.

Should You Get Your Eyebrows Microbladed with Brows by Yael?

To conclude my Brows by Yael review, I would say, go for it and definitely recommend the procedure to anyone!! Unfortunately, I have seen some jobs that haven’t been done very well.

Microblading is not an inexpensive procedure. I truly believe you get what you pay for. Please do your research and make sure you like what you see when choosing an artist.

As previously mentioned, Yael charges $450 plus tax for her eyebrow microblading services, in case you were wondering what I paid.

It’s now 3 weeks since I had the procedure and I still can’t get over how much it’s changed my daily routine. I am in love with my brows and haven’t had to do anything to them since meeting with Yael.

I even wrote a post about ten reasons you should get microblading, if you want to give it a read!

I feel like my new brows frame my face beautifully and give me an overall more youthful look. Thanks Yael for really knocking it out the park and for making magic happen.

If you still aren’t convinced about microblading but would like to draw your brows on here’s a link to a youtube video of me doing my old routine: Brow routine

Feel free to ask any questions you may have !

xo Shira

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