Cryo Facial at The Freeze Clinic

The secret is out , I am obsessed with skin care ! I don’t go a day without applying serums and moisturisers to my chronically dry and dehydrated skin.

facial at the freeze clinic
Facial at the freeze clinic

This year summer was great for my skin and it was really doing well with the sun and humidity we experienced. But with the weather being what it is in Toronto once mid-October hit all of the moisture drained form my skin and I was back to looking dry and dull.

I started using sheet masks and exfoliating more regularly to get some life back into my skin, but I wanted more! 

And just when I thought I was in for a very rough winter with my skin I along came the Freeze Clinic. And booked myself in for one of their Cryotherapy facials 

ultrasound facial treatment
Ultra- sound facial treatment

What’s cryotherapy?

You’ve probably heard about full-body cryotherapy. It involves sub-zero temperatures applied to specific body parts or the whole body for health benefits. These benefits include improving mood disorders, reducing pain and inflammation and helping to heal sore muscles. And there are even more benefits for the complexion. Think firmer-looking skin, collagen stimulation, increased skin cell turnover and instantly brighter, more luminous-looking skin.

Cryotherapy couldn’t be hotter right now! (Except when it’s cold)

Beloved by everyone from elite athletes to chronic pain sufferers for its proven anti-inflammatory effects, cryotherapy’s benefits for skincare include:

• enhances cellular replenishment

helps with detoxification

• increases collagen stimulation

• enhanced microcirculation

• tighter, fresher appearance

The Age-Defying Effects of Cold Shock

Did you know that, cold shock is good for long life. The central nervous system is awakened: it releases endorphins and anti-inflammatory agents into the body. Further, the extreme skin temperature change alerts the brain to increase circulation. Nutrient-rich blood from the body’s core moves to the skin’s surface, flushing it with warmth and nourishment. 

Cold Is Good For Your Complexion

What’s good for longevity is also good for your skin. Once the short period of cold therapy ends, the skin experiences more benefits as it warms back up. In the process of circulation returning to normal, toxic wastes and bad cells are flushed from the body. All these benefits happen in a matter of minutes, without affecting the body’s core temperature, and while you experience a relaxing, soothing treatment. Following a cryotherapy treatment, collagen and skin cells are rejuvenated. The result: a tighter, fresher and more luminous face for you to reveal to the world.

In addition:

Light therapy facial
Light therapy facial

In addition to the cryotherapy I received during my facial I also got to experience light therapy and ultrasound therapy. Sachi the owner of The Freeze Clinic explained that the LED lights boost collagen production and reveal a glowing happy skin.

We also did a bit of ultrasound: high frequency sound waves are like crunches for your face which is great for enhancing the skins firmness. (Is this available for my thighs? asking for a friend).

cryo facial
Cryo Facial

In Conclusion:

All in all, the experience is mind blowing. It has made a night and day difference to how my skin looks and feels. Bonus, my makeup is sitting so wonderfully on my skin now. No dry flakes in sight!

Hook yourself up !

Treat yourself or a loved one to a facial at The Freeze Clinic and enjoy $50 off your first full priced treatment when you mention my name.

I can’t wait to hear all about your experience! 


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