Winter makeup trends

Winter is upon us and along with our wardrobes our makeup changes accordingly. Want to know what the hottest trends are this season ? Continue to reading 🙂 These winter trends are inspired by the runway and in my opinion we should all look like supermodels. Even if our scarves and hats are hiding all the glam. I have picked products that make these trends wearable and achievable at home and for every day.

Here are my favourite 3 trends for this winter, along with my product recommendations.


Red lips with an artsy lash: Christian Dior and louis Vuitton 

This is a classic look a red lip paired with full flirty lashes. You really can’t go wrong with this winter worthy look.

A red lip always contrasts so wonderfully against the white and grey backdrops of winter. It’s an easy way to look glam. I personally love this timeless look and will definitely be wearing it this season.  

To achieve this look :  

Charlotte Tilbury has the essentials for this look. I love everything about her new lash line. As someone who loves wearing falsies finding a comfy and wearable pair is like finding the holy grail !

  • They are lightweight and easy to apply 
  • Available in a selection of wearable styles (They are perfect for day or night) 
  • The styles are nice and wispy and mimic natural lashes. 
  • Charlottes lashes are synthetic and cruelty free
  • The lashes come with an adhesive

Get a set for yourself here : Charlotte Tilbury

And for the red lip Charlotte has you covered too with HOT LIPS 2 in the shades:

Patsy red- or red-hot Susan depending on the tone you like. 

These lipsticks boast a rich decadent texture with a soft matte finish so your lips never feel dry with it on.

Even the packaging is trendy!

Stunningly gorgeous and make for the perfect gift idea <3

red lips and lashes



Healthy radiant skin will never go out of style and it’s a hot trend this winter. Ditch the full coverage foundations for sheer illuminating textures.

Laura Mercier Illuminating tinted moisturizer

The latest from Laura Mercier is the Tinted moisturizer illuminating skin perfector is outstanding and you will be on trend and looking fresh in minutes.

It’s sheer coverage with added illumination will have your complexion glowing! It’s also a broad spectrum SPF 30. 

The texture is perfect for all skin types and is available in 5 versatile shades.

To take this look a step further gently sculpt your features and face shape with a bronzer – no heavy contour for this look. Add a pop of flush to the cheeks with the Laura Mercier la palette naturelle face and cheek palette and your skin will look like you’ve been at the spa.

Laura Mercier lapallette naturel

Finish off the look with a Highlighter 

fresh facial glow

Stila’s Heavens’s Hue Highlighters are the most divine textured highlighters around. For the post facial glow look I actually sweep the highlighter directly on top of my blush to give the skin an over the top hydrated look.

They are a very unique texture they have a bouncy to the touch almost mousse like feel which simply melts right into the skin. 

It truly is heavenly! 

Available at Sephora and Shoppers Drug Mart 

These highlighters are available in a variety of different shades and are $42

Get one for yourself here : Stila Highlighter

fresh facial glow


Glittery shiny eyes – Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs 

shiny glittery eyes

Would we even be talking winter if we didn’t include sparkle? My personal favourite thing about this time of year is that we can go all out with the glitter! 

To achieve shiny sparkly eyes use MARC JACOBS BEAUTY !

Marc Jacobs loves all things shiny and the limited-edition seequin shadows will give you instant glitter gratification  They are so easy to apply simply sweep onto the lid to create a dazzling look.

Finish off the look with a one of the Marc Jacob beauty highliner liquid gel liners. These liners are amazing they have a shiny finish and are waterproof and long wearing  !

They come in 3 core shades and for the holiday season marc Jacobs has realised 4 limited edition ones too.

So much fun and an easy way to be on trend!  Wear them with the seequins glitter shadow for full glam or on their own if you’re not too keen on over the top glitter.

Can’t wait to see all the dazzling looks this season !

Shira xo

To see these trends in action watch this segment where I showcase the looks:


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    Love your e-mail’s, and tutorial’s

    • shira
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