DIOR – Lip Glow. The Ultimate Lip Tint

Dior Lipglow
Dior Lipglow

Dior Lip Glow 

Color Reviving Balm 

Dior has always been one of my favourite all time makeup brands. They have amazing products that give beautiful, consistent and long-lasting wear. I use a variety of their skincare, lip care and makeup products on both myself and my clients because IMHO, you cannot go wrong with Dior. The DIOR Lipglow is one of the most repurchased products on my vanity. This product is the perfect combo between lip tint and nourishing balm. 

Lip Glow Color Reviving Balm 

 After using the product myself (for many years) , I can tell you that it is one of the absolute best lip balms out there to help you achieve a fresher, fuller and more radiant lip. This treatment is the perfect combination of make-up and lip care, as this balm was designed to enhance your natural lip colour while nourishing lips.  

 The Color Reviving Balm works by giving your lips a natural flush, enhancing your own personal tones. So, no matter the pallet of your lips, Dior’s Lip Glow is guaranteed to create a custom colour that is suited to you.  

There are now three finishes available in the Lip Glow series: Original Glow, Matte Glow and Holographic glow –

 The Original Glow will give you a rosy tint and will give your lips a subtle shine. Use this balm if you are going for a more classic or subdued look. The light shine is perfect for lunch with the girls, carting the kids off to school or even a casual date with your beau. 

The Matte Glow is a lightly tinted balm that will give you a nonglossy finish. It still uses the Reviver technology to bring out your lip’s soft pink, but leaves a matte finishing instead of a shine. Use Matte Glow as a base, or on its own if you are looking to get more of that velvety, sensuous look. 

The Holographic Glow has the hydrating and nourishing power of the Original Glow but adds an iridescent or ‘holographic’ finish. This lustrous, almost pearlescent shine is perfect to enhance your lips when you are looking to make a statement. Stand up and be noticed because this finish is trending like crazy right now. 

 The incredible thing about the Lip Glow series is that they can be worn in a bunch of different ways. You can wear it alone for a natural flush of colour. You can wear it beneath your lip gloss (or lipstick) as a balm or primer. Or you can even wear it on top of lipstick to change the effect and colour. 

I personally recommend giving Lip Glow a try. It will save you time by combining your lip care and your make-up routines while giving you lips that are plumper, healthier and more beautiful. 

To buy one for yourself, click here : DIOR Lipglow 

I hope you snag one for yourself ! If you do please let me know what you think 🙂

Dior Lipglow
Dior Lipglow

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