Facial Cupping – Alternative to Botox

Facial Cupping
Facial Cupping

Facial Cupping Massage Therapy

As most of you know, I am always searching for new and interesting ways to improve my skincare game. I had been hearing a lot of hype around facial cupping and the skincare benefits shown by the people who use this technique. Of course, my curiosity got the best of me and I just had to try it for myself!

What is it?

Cupping is a form of massage that brings blood closer to the surface and stimulates blood flow. There are different size cups for different parts of the body and the benefits will vary depending on which part of the body you using them. Facial cupping specifically uses smaller cups to rejuvenate blood flow to all areas of your face. The result is younger looking skin that practically glows.

The basic idea behind cupping therapy is to place glass (or silicone) cups on a person’s skin to create a vacuum. The blood is drawn to the surface of the skin and helps the body heal and feel revitalized.

This non-invasive treatment that has been used on thousands of people. Most notably, people remember the big red circles on Michael Phelps during the Olympics or even when Gwyneth Paltrow sported the cupping circles that peeked over her strapless black dress on the Anchorman red carpet. Both these celebrities and thousands of others, swear by the practice and believe whole heartedly and truly believe that cupping improves their lives.

Cupping therapy is believed to originate in ancient Egypt, but the practice also has deep roots in Greece and other places in Europe, Asia and Africa. It has evolved to become a world recognized form of massage therapy that now benefits hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

Why should you use cupping on your face?

Using these little cups on the face will have many outstanding benefits. Here are a few:

  1. It provides a deep cleansing. Using cups, along with your cleansers, will lead to clean and glowing skin. The cups help pull unwanted toxins off the surface of the face and offer a deep cleanse, allowing your cleaners remove all traces of those toxins from your now gorgeous skin.
  2. They help with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Due to the way the cups stimulate the blood flow, the cups act as a non-invasive Botox treatment. When the blood in the face is flowing fine lines and wrinkles are less visible and the skin develops a beautiful and age-defying plumpness.
  3. Cupping makes your beauty products shine. Your skin care products work more efficiently and effectively when used on a primed canvas. Cupping gets the skin prepped for the rest of your skincare routine and I have found that since I introduced facial cupping to my skincare routine, my skin care products are working way more effectively. I am seeing dramatic results in my skin, while using the same skin care prodcuts I have been using for a while now.
  4. It promotes lymph drainage, resulting in less facial bloating. The lymphatic system works to rid the body or wastes and toxins. Lymphatic drainage is a technique that rids the body or these toxins by promoting lymph circulation through pressure or gentle circulation. Facial cupping is an amazing way to promote lymph drainage as is stimulates the system with light even pressure that will help reduce facial bloating by getting rid of the excess fluid built-up in your lymphatic system.
  5. It will give you sinus headache relief. If you suffer from sinus headaches, then facial cupping is for you! Place a refreshing mint or eucalyptus oil onto your skin prior to massaging around the sinus area. Cupping my sinus areas has helped to reduce my headaches significantly and I feel that my airways are more open, and I also have an easier time breathing.
  6. It will relieve tension in your jaw and allow for a more restful sleep. Some of us, me included, tend to carry our tension in our jaw. This painful jaw tension is especially prevalent at night when we are trying to fall asleep but instead of rest, all we can focus on is our throbbing jaw. I have found that cupping and massaging my jaw line has significantly improved my sleep and loosened up my jaw.
  7. Reduction of under eye puffiness and darkness. One of the main reasons we suffer from under eye darkness is because of lack of circulation to the under-eye area. The improved circulation due to cupping massage has helped me immensely with this. I am over the moon with the results.
100% Castor Oil
100% Casto Oil

Who can benefit from facial cupping and where can we get it done?

This is for anyone and you can 100% do it at home! I am by no means an aesthetician and I find this technique extremely easy and obviously the benefits are outstanding!

I personally own a set by Mira Dynamics. It is easy to use and is an amazing starter set for anyone interested in reaping the benefits of facial cupping.

To get your own setoff cups CLICK HERE  : FACIAL CUPS 

Here’s a video tutorial of me showing you how I do it 🙂


I hope you enjoyed this read and I am so excited to hear your thoughts.

Xo Shira

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