First Date Makeup Tips

Makeup Products for a first date
Makeup Products for a first date

Getting ready for your first date? Grab your makeup bag and brush up on your biology.

In a world that is full of deadlines, obligations, jobs, everyday stresses and less than ideal temperatures it is easy to fall prey to a bad skin day or week leading up to your first date. Since the only thing you should feel before your first date is butterflies, skip the anxiety by ensuring you have the products and know how at hand to literally put your best face forward.

Why are we talking about Biology ? I thought this was a Beauty Blog.

What does biology have to do with makeup? Well, it turns out, quite a lot.

Anthropologist Helen Fisher, who specializes in areas of love, sexuality and attractiveness lists the universal qualities that we look for in a mate. Also known as the laws of attraction.  Spoiler alert, they are not the jobs we hold, the jokes we tell or the things we can buy. Harkening back to the early days of man and touching upon our innate desire to propagate our species, the list is actually a clear complexion, a symmetrical face and a general appearance of health and cleanliness.

I constantly tell my husband that the reason why he paid any attention to me on our first meeting, was because I looked healthy enough to bear children well and nurture them properly. Aka, I had a smooth complexion, clear eyes, rosy cheeks, and extra “padding” where it counted.

How can a bit of makeup help?

So, what happens if you’re a little tired, or having a bad skin day or week? Do we not get to meet the man of our dreams because of a few imperfections or the pitfalls of timing? Of course not, and this is where makeup and biology come together in nerdy hotness. In that first date with my husband, what I actually had was a great foundation, a fabulous mascara and a kicking blush (also a push up bra, but shhhhhhh).

And now that we’ve covered the Biology part let’s go to makeup.

Tip 1 :

Whether troubled by winter flakiness or summer’s blotchy pigment, you can achieve radiant, even skin with a good coverage foundation (and be sure to keep your skin clean and moisturized daily). My go-to is Fenty Pro-Filler foundation, which provides even coverage, while being both lightweight and moisturizing.

Tip 2 :

Next, we want to achieve that rosy healthy flush of youth, with blush perfect cheeks. A sign of vitality and health, it is also a great way to perk up a sallow complexion or winter’s dreadful pale. By far one of the better products out there is Shisheido Inner glow Blush – These Highlighter/Blush combos have great staying power and adds a dewy perfection to any skin tone. I actually wish I had something like this back when I was dating!

The Eyes :

Fenty moroccan spice palette
Fenty moroccan spice palette

Next up the eyes. They are the window to the soul, and clear, bright eyes with lush lashes are a sign of overall health and wellness. However, life doesn’t always allow us to walk around looking like big-eyed dolls (hello tiredness and fine lines ), so once again, makeup gives us a bit of a boost.

Tip 3 :

First up we want to enhance the eye with a neutral eye shadow applied left to right. Once again, we turn to Fenty, this time in Moroccan spice to really achieve that pop. And with its super easy blending and wide range of neutrals, it can be perfectly applied to every skin tone.

Tip 4:

The next step to an enchanting eye is Mascara. Bat your eyes away with look at me volume and no smudges with L’Oréal Lash Paradise Volume, my favourite mascara of all time !

Tip 5 :

The final step in the eye trifecta is your brow. We need to frame out your eyes and sparse, not really there brows, will ruin the overall effect. Fill them in easily and with a natural finish using Benefit’s Gimme Brow. Thin tinted fibres help to plump up the brow with a simple swipe and frame the eye perfectly.

Try it for yourself : Benefit gimme brow 

You are radiant, glowing and have had plenty of eye contact with your stunning eyes. Now it’s the end of the night, you’re going your separate ways and are gearing up to say goodbye.

Tip 6 :

Make those lips irresistibly kissable with plump, hydrated lips. I love the Jouviance Lip Plumper, with its soft pink tone and plumping hydrating boost.

Get yourself some lip plumping serum by clicking the link – Jouviance lip plumping serum 

Ps – Gentleman, this goes both ways, grab a chapstick or lip balm and be sure her memories of that kiss stays with her.

First date makeup essentials
First date makeup essentials

I hope this is helpful ?

Cant wait to hear about all those dates !

Shira xo

Here’s a link to me talking about all these goodies on Globals – The Morning Show




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