Beauty Products You Need in 2019

As a Makeup Artist, Beauty Blogger and Expert I come across many products. I am really hard to please and it really takes a lot to impress me. I am very excited to share these with you! In no particular order, I LOVE them all equally !

5 beauty products you need to get your hands on in 2019:

1 – Dermalogica intense moisture cleanser 

I suffer from dry, dull and dehydrated skin and getting it to look lively, hydrated and radiant is no small feat. This becomes even more challenging during the winter months. I 100% believe that cleansers are where all the magic happens when trying to keep your skin looking and feeling its best. Using cleansers that leave your skin feeling tight and uncomfortable is a sure sign that you are stripping it of all it’s natural oils. But finding a cleanser that doesn’t completely strip the skin, while still leaving it feeling clean and refreshed can be a challenge. Ladies and gents, I have tried them all and the Dermalogica Intense Moisture Cleanser far exceeds any of the experiences I have had with competing brands.

Reasons to give this cleanser a try / my findings since using it:

  • It cleans the skin without stripping it
  • My skin feels so hydrated and healthy since I started using this cleanser it’s a night and day difference
  • I am not experiencing any dry or flaky patches
  • My complexion is radiant and smooth since using it
  • The bottle is massive, it will last me a long time = cost-effective.

2 – L’oreal lash paradise mascara

I love mascara I consider it the cherry on top to any makeup look. When looking for a mascara I want volume, length and a formula that wont flake. I have spent so much money and time trying to find the perfect mascara it’s ridiculous. However, I am happy to report that I have found my holy grail and I have been using it religiously for 8 months (repurchased 5 times now). Every morning when I apply it, I fall more and more in love with it. My clients are also always blown away by the results and immediately go pick one up for themselves!

Why I love it so much:

  • it never ever flakes! I can wear it for 20 hours with no issues
  • it adds all the length I desire
  • it adds all the volume a girl/guy could ever dream of
  • It’s a drugstore mascara !!! so it’s super affordable.

Tip:  don’t buy the waterproof option as it gets a bit flaky

get one for yourself here: Lash Paradise 

3 – Covergirl smoothing primer

I personally love a good smoothing primer. They even out any textured areas on the face. Help smooth out pores and make for an even and flawless foundation application. They also help keep shine at bay and help your makeup stay in place for much longer than when you don’t use one. But they are a bit of a luxury and there are so many on the market at such varying price points. I have tried many…. So, imagine my surprise when I found my covergirl smoothing primer to be way more effective than my $60 one (I won’t mention any names). It is by far my favourite primer right now and I have already bought a second as I’m running low.

This primer is for you if:

  • You like using a smoothing primer
  • Are looking for an affordable product that delivers high-end results
  • Want your foundation to go on more evenly
  • Want your foundation to stay in place all day
  • Aren’t sure about primers and want to try one out.

Get one for yourself here: Smoothing primer 

4 – Shiseido inner glow powder:

This product does exactly what the label implies it gives you an inner glow look. It’s a blush highlight hybrid that adds a beautiful hint of colour and a subtle glow to one’s complexion. This product gives me the most lively and radiant complexion and every time I use it, I get compliments. People don’ stop asking what bush I am wearing. It’s absolutely stunning and the texture is so silky smooth (it’s a powder). It glides onto the skin so evenly and effortlessly it’s outstanding. It’s available in a variety of beautiful shades. I think everyone could benefit from a bit of an inner glow look so go for it and try this out !

This product is for you if:

  • You like the glowy highlight trend but want a subtle version of it
  • Want your complexion to look radiant and effortless
  • If you are on the hunt for a new blush
  • Want to explore the highlight trend but need a work/ age appropriate option.

5 – Rodan and Fields Radiant Defense Perfecting Fluid

I love a sheer tint of colour to even out my skin every day. I have no prior experience with Rodan and Fields but when I tried this product, it was love at first use. I have been using it daily for about 2 months now and I am happy to say that I am still loving it.

Its sheer fluid texture is unreal and leaves my skin looking radiant, even and not at all cakey or flakey. When it comes to coverage for my skin I have along checklist of criteria and the Rodan and Fields Radiant Defense Fluid checks all the boxes.

  • It doesn’t look cakey
  • It doesn’t settle in my fine lines at all
  • It is very hydrating which is key for my dry skin
  • It blends perfectly into my skin leaving it looking fresh, natural and even in tone

Bonus reasons to love this product

  • It’s a broad spectrum SPF 30
  • It protects while it corrects –  it makes your skin look fabulous and even but it also  protects your skin against environmental aggressors (pollution, AC, smog) too.

Get one for your self here : Perfecting Fluid 

This product does cost $76 but it will last around 6-9 months judging by how little I need to use per application. You also don’t have to spend extra money on a SPF for your face which is great!

best beauty products for 2019
best beauty products for 2019

That wraps up my must try beauty products to try in 2019. I am sure you will love these and I can’t wait ti hear your thoughts.



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      you will not believe how amazing it is !!

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