Four Reasons To Shop at Olsen Canada


Four Reasons To Shop at Olsen Canada

Today I am sharing four reasons why you must shop at Olsen Canada. I would like to preface this post by saying that as much as I adore fashion and dressing up I dislike shopping. In my teens and twenties, I would do anything to shop till I dropped but since entering my 30s, my love for shopping has dwindled.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • I never seem to have the time to shop
  • I can never find what I am looking for
  • Second guessing if things are age appropriate
  • And I can’t seem to put an outfit together. I buy a shirt which doesn’t work with anything else I have. The seasons hottest jeans look great in the store but when I get home, I can’t seem to figure out what to wear them with. I know you feel me on this. I hear it and see this all the time. So many clothes but nothing to wear.

I was recently introduced to Olsen and …

But then I was introduced to Olsen and I am happy to say my love for shopping and buying myself cute outfits has returned! Today, I am sharing my best kept fashion secret with you! Olsen is the answer to all of your style concerns. Olsen offers several capsule collections a year which takes the guesswork out of shopping. You can pick your outfits confidently and easily without second guessing your decision.

Here are four reasons why you should be shopping at Olsen:

Reason #1: On-Site Style Experts

Each of Olsen’s free-standing stores and stores within the Hudson’s Bay have on-site styling experts. What this means for you: If you find a pair of pants, a skirt or a top in their stores but you aren’t sure what to pair them with, Olsen’s style experts will help you put together a stylish outfit right then and there. They will help you with everything right down to the perfect accessories and outerwear.

In this picture I am styled in their ‘Northern Glow’ Diamond Motif sweater, Mona Fit jeans and 4-in-1 Convertible Anorak.

Olsen Canada


Browse through their Northern Glow Collection here : Northern Glow Collection 

Reason #2: One-of-a-Kind Prints

When you shop at Olsen, not only are you guaranteed the highest quality, but you are guaranteed exclusive and distinct print designs in a wide range of colours, each offering an unmistakable European influence. Olsen’s designs are always on-trend with ease-of-wear in mind, making every day an excuse to look and feel incredible!

In this picture, I am wearing the Long Sleeve Chain Stripe Shirt, Horizontal Rib Knit Cardigan and Lisa Fit Dark Wash Jeans from their ‘Season Favourite’ collection.

Olsen Canada


Shop the Season Favourite collection here:

Reason #3: Comfort

The core of Olsen’s philosophy is to make sure women feel confident every day through unique wardrobe options that are effortless and offer the perfect fit. Olsen’s soft, comfortable cuts give you an extra feel-good factor. Whether you are out running an errand for the day, going to work or out for dinner, you can count on Olsen to have an outfit that will look and feel exceptional for every occasion.

Here, I am styled in their Long Sleeve Striped Turtleneck and the Lisa Fit Stretch Twill Trouser.

Reason #4: A Brand That Cares

Olsen does so much for its employees and our planet. The responsible treatment of people and nature is firmly anchored in Olsen’s corporate values.

“Our aim is to produce our garments in an environmentally responsible manner. This includes using sustainable materials and manufacturing processes that help ensure the protection of natural resources and the reduction of harmful chemical substance use.”

To read more about the incredible initiative that Olsen has in place, please see here:

There are many more reasons why I highly recommend shopping at Olsen Canada, including added confidence and looking incredible. Are you excited to shop Olsen?

The shirt in this picture can be found here : Chain stripe shirt 

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