Halloween crafts for under $10

A much as I love Halloween makeup looks my family is terrified so I will have to hold back on the guts and gore until they can stomach my love for all things spooky. Have a fun time with kids and family members of all ages with these Halloween crafts under $10.

Eve on the other hand loves a good craft and I thought it would be fun to share our 3 fun Halloween crafts that are under $10 

Butter nut squash ghost:

Butternut squash ghost
Halloween Craft #1

This one is fun and looks amazing amongst the pumpkins on the porch. I like the idea of doing one for each member in the family. Buy larger squash for the parents and smaller for the kids/ pets (you get the idea).

You will need:

  • A squash
  • White acrylic paint
  • Black Acrylic paint 
  • A paint brush 

How to:

It doesn’t get more straightforward than this. Simply paint the squash white, let it dry for half an hour then add your face in with the clack paint. 

The outcome is gorgeous, and everyone will stop to comment on it I promise.

We actually went to a pumpkin patch where they had squash and we picked this one out making it an extra special craft. Our favourite pumpkin/ squash patch is Applewoods Farm and Winery

This is the paint we used:

And the Sharpies:

Coffee filter ghosts:

Coffe filter ghost
Coffee Filter Ghosts

These are super cute and again easy and affordable.

What you will need:

  • Ping pong balls (or anything that size)
  • Size 4 coffee filters
  • A black marker 
  • Ribbon or string 
  • A scissors 

How to:

  • Draw a face onto the coffee filter
  • Insert the ball into the filter 
  • Tie a piece of ribbon around the filter to cinch in the filter and create the ghost silhouette

A black cat: 

Black cat craft
Black cat craft

The black cat is the most quintessential Halloween decoration. Buy a wooden one from any craft store such as Michael’s, the dollar store (where we got ours) or from Amazon they have a wide selection.

What you need:

How to:

  • Paint the cat black 
  • Leave to dry 
  • Stick the gems on as eyes

Hope you enjoyed these affordable and fun craft ideas!

I personally love homemade decorations versus the store-bought ones.

I don’t have time to make all of our decorations but love the mixture of bought and hand made. Hope everyone has a very safe and spooky halloween!

Let me know if you try making any of these Halloween crafts for under $10 🙂

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