Skincare for your 20’s

A skin care routine that’s as simple as one, two, three.

Get instant results with the new RECHARGE regimen from Rodan and Fields !

Rodan and fields recharge
Rodan and Fields RECHARGE

Ditch the overwhelming skincare aisle and check out this new Rodan and Fields line up. I’m a huge fan of anything that is straightforward and quite honestly, I could never imagine a skincare routine that requires more than 5-10 minutes.  So, when a company makes it this simple, I am all over it  🙂

Who’s it good for ?

It’s perfect if you are in your 20’s and early 30’s and need a simple and effective way to combat dull, blotchy and dry skin. As we age there are shifts in our metabolism, which effects the way our skin copes with everyday pressures and environmental stressors. Such as: pollution, stress at work, air conditioning, the sun and lack of sleep. Because our skin is in a more vulnerable state as we get older the aging process starts to accelerate. 

Enter the Recharge regimen from Rodan and Fields:

Especially formulated to help young adults get a head start against premature aging. Signs of premature aging include dull, blotchy and dry skin. 

This new dermatology- inspired RECHARGE regimen acts as a nutrient-rich super vitamin to boost the skin’s defences against environmental stressors as discussed above.  

RECHARGE is clinically demonstrated to visibly improve skin from the first use. while defending against premature aging and repairing the skins moisture barrier.

What’s in it that makes it so effective?

The Secret to the Rodan and Fields recharge regimen is the breakthrough antioxidant technology from Kyoto University in Japan. Coupled with electrolytes, prebiotics and super fruits to help slow down the aging process in three multitasking steps: 

Step 1: 3 in 1 super cleanser 

Step 2: ultra-boost moisturising treatment

Step 3: Protect and blur broad spectrum SPF 30 (which I love to use as a primer as well)

The results you can expect to see: 

Rodan and fields recharge
Rodan and Fields RECHARGE

Hydrated, glowing supple skin. The secret to amazing skin is to start young and prevent the damage that will inevitably occur. It’s so amazing that we are able to get a head start with RECHARGE

If you are mid 30’s to 40’s and like the sound of this regimen you can use it just make sure to incorporate and antiaging serum 🙂

You can get this product online or if you have a friend that is a Rodan and Fields representative get in touch with them!

Shira xo

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