Holiday Shopping Canadian Brands

Looking for the perfect holiday gift but not sure what to buy? In this post I will be sharing some of my favourite gift ideas from my favourite Canadian retailers and brands. Canada is home to these amazing gift options so go ahead and give the gift of  Canada. This year we are holiday shopping Canadian brands.

Roots –

Roots One Electric Pine Hoodie.

There’s nothing more iconic and Canadian than a Root’s tracksuit. Roots Recently launched their new ONE line.
Paying homage to the brand’s iconic heritage, embracing the present and contributing to a future they hope to see. RootsONE collection seeks to not only represent but celebrate everyone. No matter one’s background, body type, gender, and/or age. ONE embodies Roots’ commitment to innovating with intention. This would make for an incredible gift for anyone on your list.

Roots One Electric Pine Sweatpants.

Get yours here : Roots ONE sweaters and sweatpants 

Neostrata –

Neostrata skincare has been a staple in my routine for years. Founded in Quebec this skincare line is the perfect combination of science and nature. Bringing you the most incredible skincare results imaginable.

This holiday season they have their amazing sets out. The price point is great on these sets and you will be giving the gift of healthy radiant skin to yourself or a loved one.

Triple Firming Neck Cream Kit: 

Neostrata Triple Firming Neck Cream Kit.

This kit features the Triple Firming Neck Cream to reduce visible signs of aging on the neck and décolletage. For skin that appears firmer, lifted, and more evenly toned, alongside complimentary deluxe samples of the best-selling SKIN ACTIVE products.

Get yours here: Neostrata Triple Firming Neck Cream Kit.

Neostrata Winter Glow Kit:

Neostrata Winter Glow Set.

Features a trial size of Neostrata’s Bionic Oxygen Recovery at-home radiance facial to revitalize stressed skin. And a full-size of their best-selling Moisture Infusion Hydrating cream to lock-in moisture. This set is designed to help restore radiance and keep your skin feeling smooth and hydrated in the colder winter months.

Get yours here: Neostrata Winter Glow Kit

Seabae –

Seabae Reusable wipes.

Talk about a fun and innovative gift! Seabae sets are the perfect gift to give all the beauty enthusiasts on your list and is a Canadian company who’s mission is to save the ocean. Seabae Wipes are the first of their kind makeup remover wipes. Made from ethically-sourced hemp cotton, means they are zero waste, reusable after more than 1000 washes and biodegradable.

The wipes are also shaped in an adorable and aesthetically pleasing seashell form, with a shade of blue similar to that of the ocean, which Seabae is passionate about saving.

Additional reasons to gift Seabae:

  • To date Seabae has saved 12,500 endangered baby sea turtles thanks to our customers in partnership with SEE TURTLES. All of our products give 1$ back to turtle conservation.
  • Seabae wipes are compostable and reusable up to 1000 washes. They are made of raw materials and organic hemp cotton, which makes them very eco friendly and sustainable unlike other reusable wipes on the market today.
  • Seabae wipes come in 2 sizes for targeting eye area and the other is for a full face.
  • Raw materials give them an added bonus of exfoliation
  • They come with a laundry bag so all you have to do is toss them in the laundry with your clothes and then lay flat to dry or toss in dryer for faster softening process.

Get yours here: Seabae Reusable Wipes 

Fruits and Passion –

I always make sure to include Fruits and Passion gift sets on my holiday list. They never disappoint! This incredible Canadian brand has us covered! From luxurious kitchen sets to bath and body stocking stuffers you can not go wrong!

Some of my favourites this year: 

Deluxe Gift Set Coriander and Olive Tree –

This deluxe gift set contains all of the best products from the Cucina collection. Biodegradable formulas, enriched with first cold-pressed olive oil, and reusable and recyclable bottles, will be a perfect fit in the kitchen. Dive into a sensory experience as gentle on your hands as it is on the environment. A delicate blend of coriander seeds and olive wood, this sophisticated fragrances aromatic and slightly woody.

Fruits and Passion Deluxe Gift Set.

Deluxe Gift Set Grapefruit Guava Grapefruit Guava

This deluxe gift set contains all the must-have products for a little me-time! Alo Deluxe Gift Set.

Decoratif Set with Diffuser Frosted Birch

This elegant fragrance evokes the woody freshness of birch in winter and the comforting warmth of cotton with a touch of jasmine for a statement of elegance. The naturally porous structure of Fruits & Passion wooden reeds makes them excellent conductors and diffusers. They imbibe the fragrance and diffuse it through capillary action, allowing aromas to spread through the air.

Toques From The Heart

Toques from the hear.

Toques from the Heart was founded in 2019 by Casey, Matt, and Matthew, three McMaster University Students in Hamilton, Ontario. The three became friends and unified in a common vision to start a business with a meaningful and positive impact.

  • Buy a toque, and give a toque to a Canadian in need
  • TFTH’s donation goal this year is to give 35,000 toques — a number to match the amount of Canadians experiencing homelessness on any given day
  • There’s something for everyone on your Holiday shopping list!
  • Head to their website at to shop

Happy Holiday Shopping With Canadian Brands!

Hope it’s truly magical and I hope that these incredible gift ideas from my favourite Canadian retailers and brands have inspired your holiday shopping with Canadian brands 🙂

XO  Shira

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