Holiday Tips and Hacks

 Let’s deck the halls this holiday season by making them as joyful as possible for everyone – including you!  I am  here to spread some holiday cheer with tips and hacks on how to make the most of this festive time of year!

As a former social social worker I would always see a huge uptick in my caseload during the Holiday season. As magical as this time of year is, it is also very stressful because of the endless to do lists, hosting and shopping.

These tips will help reduce holiday anxiety and help you enjoy the festivities.


Holiday Tips and hacks.

This tip might sound obvious but it is actually the best way to deal with the million and one things we try to juggle over the holiday season.

My top tip is to write everything down. Everything you need to do/buy . This way we are able to visualize the things we have to do. When we can see it and visualize it, often times the endless list of things swirling around in our head preventing us from sleeping looks very manageable.

There is also nothing better than crossing things off a to do list as you go through it. It provides us with a huge sense of accomplishment and is very motivating.

Make sure to keep a notebook and pen next to your bed so that you are prepared to write out those lists!


Part of getting through the holidays with less stress is to remember to put ourself on that list of priorities.  With a few simple TLC hacks we will be glowing straight through to the new year.

My top TLC hack is to add some holiday cheer and touches to our bathrooms. Turning your bathroom into a sanctuary is the perfect way to “escape” the holiday madness and pamper yourself.

My top tips:

  • Tip 1 – Add a few sprigs of fresh pine around your bathroom. When you shower or bath the steam will enhance the fresh pine scent. Not only is this scent relaxing you will have turned your bathroom into a holiday spa retreat just for you.
  • Tip 2- Invest in a moisturizing body wash and moisturizer to alleviate dry and uncomfortable skin during the colder months. The holidays is all about enjoying yourself which is impossible to do when your constantly itchy. Most of the soaps we typically use are actually very drying for our skin. My favourite soaps and moisturizers to use this time of year are the Aveeno products.This year they have this incredible gift set with everything we need to keep our skin happy and healthy.

What’s included in the set:

Aveeno Everyday Body Care Regimen.

Self-care makes a very thoughtful gift and Shoppers Drug Mart has so many great holiday sets at every price point, like this one from Aveeno that’s under $20.

This is the Aveeno Everyday Body Care Regimen and it’s a wonderful skincare treat with the Aveeno Daily Moisturizing body wash, body lotion and hand cream all in one gift set!

These products are enriched with oatmeal for softer, smoother skin. I like that the body wash formula is soap-free and helps to prevent dry skin. And the deeply moisturizing hand cream is a must-have to maintain soft hands even with frequent hand washing and colder weather.

You can find this gift set at Shoppers Drug Mart or if you want to shop from the comfort of home – it would make a great Secret Santa gift, or a nice way to treat yourself!

  • Tip 3 – Use an exfoliating body scrub to remove dead skin cells and give your skin the ultimate pampering treatment. I am obsessed with body scrubs because of the unique texture and the extra bit of luxury they add to bath/shower time.

I make my own body scrubs because it’s really easy, fun and the perfect DIY gift idea.

Candy Cane Sugar Scrub:DIY Candy Cane Sugar Scrub.


What you’ll need:

  • 1 cup granualted sugar
  • 1 tablespoon red sugar
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 10 drops mint essential oil

Combine until it has a “sandy”  texture you don’t want it to be runny. Place in a mason jar and decorate as desired.


The never-ending gift giving list is inevitable this time of year. My best hack for gift buying is to find a gift that you can gift to most people on your list. This makes gift buying and giving so much easier because you don’t have to figure out what to buy each individual on your list.

This year I will be gifting: Toques From The Heart 

Toques from the hear.

1. When you buy a toque, you give a toque to a Canadian in need
2. TFTH’s donation goal this year is to give 35,000 toques — a number to match the amount of Canadians experiencing homelessness on any given day
3. There’s something for everyone on your Holiday shopping list!
4. Head to their website at to shop


This time of year always feels so special, but it can be a hectic time especially with our calendars filling up fast. Being organized and having a signature cocktail at the ready can make spending time with friends and family so much more enjoyable. This year my signature cocktail is a sugar cookie egg nog. Sugar cookie is the flavour of the season, why not jump on this trend?

Easy to make, sure to delight and the perfect way to showcase your holiday baking.


  • 4 cups egg nog (bought or freshly made)
  • 1/4 cup cream
  • 1tsp vanilla extract

For the rim:

  • Vanilla frosting
  • Sprinkles


  • Whipped cream
  • Sugar cookie crumble
  • Sugar cookie

Happy Holidays!

I hope you enjoyed my holiday tips and hacks 🙂 Remember the holiday season is not about being perfect it’s about creating memories and taking a break for yourself if you can.

Shira xo


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