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Vacation Necessities

Packing one’s makeup bag can get a little overwhelming when going on a trip; especially when we aren’t sure what to expect. A nice night out, fancy restaurant, lunch in a cute café? I like to make sure I take the essentials that will have me feeling and looking good in any situation.

I start off by asking myself the following question – what would I pack if I was stranded on a desert island and was only able to take my 8 favourite makeup products. Once I get over the initial panic it’s actually relatively easy because no one needs more than these essentials to look good while on vacation.

These are the 8 things I packed for my recent trip away :

  1. A peach toned concealer – this product is my favourite as it cancels out any blue sallow undertones under my eye area or any redness around my nose (in addition to covering up any blemishes). Personally, when I am on vacation I typically tend to wear a lot less makeup so I know that this type of product is enough for evening out my complexion.

What I use: I have been using the Charlotte Tilbury Miracle Eye Wand in shade # 3  to conceal any under eye darkness. I find this shade to be the perfect peach tone to cancel out the darkness or any redness around my nose. It has an eye cream on one end and the concealer on the other making it the perfect product to take with on a trip ! 

  1. A face powder – Powders have tiniest amount of coverage, yet sets concealer in place and gives my skin a gorgeous, even finish.

What I use: Mac Mineralized Skin Finish is out of this world!

  1. A highlight powder – when I am on vacation I want my makeup to look natural and fresh. I feel that a good highlighter adds so much to my look. I sweep it across the highest points of my face (top of the cheek bones and bridge of the nose) and can see an immediate difference. Highlighters literally highlight the features of your face, attracting the light and giving an instant glow. If you want to look radiant in seconds then you have to try one out ????

What I use: I have not loved a highlighter so much in years ! this one by Stila in the shade Kitten is absolutely stunning and suitable for all skin tones. 

Fresh Glowing Vacation Skin

  1. A foundation – bb, cc, or tinted moisturizers are great too. I never really use these when I am away as I find the concealer and powder to be more than enough but I just like to take one in case I find myself heading on a spontaneous night out. Women need to be prepared for anything, and that includes looking amazing on short notice.

What I use:  I take my Juice Beauty CC Cream with me wherever I go. Not only is it the perfect amount of coverage but it has a built in SPF 30 which is a MUST when on vacation. 

  1. A peach toned blush with a tiny bit of a pink undertone – I find that blushes that are a peachy pink work on every skin tone and add a beautiful freshness to the skin. They have the benefit of looking neutral when applied lightly and they work well most lip colors.

What I use: I am so in love with the NYX blushes! They are so reasonably priced yet feels high end and luxurious when applying them. 

  1. MASCARA! – I really can’t live without it. In my humble opinion, everything just looks better with some mascara. I love to pack it on for a dinner out with the hubby as it adds a lot of volume and length to the lashes and I instantly feel fancier.
  2. Eyeshadow – I pack 2 eyeshadows: a soft brown or copper that I can sweep across my entire lid to add some dimension and a second one in cool tones too. A dark brown shadow is so versatile you would be amazed! I use it to sweep across my lash line to create a shadow liner or use it to fill in my brows. Seriously it adds so much dimension to the eyes and the brows it’s incredible. I like the look of brown when I am on vacation as it’s softer and less dramatic than black.
  3. Lipstick – If you want variety when it comes to packing for vacation, then lipstick is where it’s at! Here’s why: switching up your lip colour depending on your activity will give you a different look instantly. I usually pack a tinted lip balm for the day and a sassy red colour for the evening.

Vacation Lipsticks

What I use:  If you know me you know I can’t live without my Clinique Chubby Stick Balm  in the shade budding blossom. It’s so moisturizing and is the prettiest colour for everyday. I then pack a vibrant colour too so that I can switch it up ???? 

Last thing I pack are my tools – after all I need to be able to apply this makeup. I love my blend minerals brush set as it has all the brushes I need to create any look and they come in this convenient case making them very easy to pack. They are of incredible quality and make applying my makeup so easy.

Blend Minerals Brush Set

As a woman who loves to travel and who loves escapes to the cottage, I am very familiar with picking and choosing what to bring with me on my adventures.  I hope this short list of amazing products will help the Wanderlusting Woman in you to prepare for your own travels.

Mascara and a Red Lip

What do you pack in your makeup bag when you travel ?

Shira xo

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