How To : Look Good With No Makeup On

I get so many questions about this particular topic I figured it was time to write a blog post about it. I am all about enhancing one’s looks with makeup but how can we look fresh and lively without it?

In a nutshell, I hope to answer the question “How do I not look exhausted and dull without any makeup on?”.

I think that this question really pops up when we hit our thirties and kids, sleep deprivation and hormones give us a run for our money. Luckily there are loads of products and services out there to help give us a bit of a pick me up.

Here are my tips to looking cute without makeup:


One thing that affects most of us is DEHYDRATION and I’m not just talking about not drinking enough water. I am talking about being effected by climate, air conditioning / heating and the overall pollution that is around us. Dehydrated skin is left looking dull and lifeless. And for those of you who have oilier skin you can get dehydrated too. When you have oilier skin that gets dehydrated your skin will produce more oil as it’s trying to over compensate for the lack of moisture which leads to more oil production.

Please keep in mind is that you will see the BEST results after a couple weeks to a month if you are consistent with your skin care routine.

1. Ditch your harsh cleansers and get an oil based one immediately. Soap and sulfate cleansers dry out the skin like nothing else. I assure you an oil cleanser will not leave you greasy or oily. Oil cleansers don’t strip the skin of their natural oils which are crucial to a radiant complexion. I personally love the Dior oil cleanser which is around $50 but lasts about 6 months. If you want something more organic then the Juice Beauty Oil Cleanser  is outstanding too.

2. Use a serum – yes, we are of that age where this is important. Serums sink into the deeper layers of the skin and work on a completely different level compared to moisturizers. They are full of active ingredients and they make the world of difference.

My top picks are the Dr. Roebucks protect and prevent serum or the Darphin IDEAL RESOURCE, perfecting smoothing serum.

3. Moisturize! just do it! if you have an oilier skin find an oil free moisturizer.

Darphin Ideal Resource

4. Under eye creams tighten and brighten our under-eye areas – top picks: Dermalogica stress positive, this product was created with busy moms in mind I can’t get enough of it!

Dermalogica Stress Positive

5. Indulge in a mask. Masking once a week is Amazing for your skin I personally love buying individual sheet masks. I do a moisturising one week and a deep cleansing one the next. I also like these because I tend to forget I buy masks and they are pricey.

Sheet Mask


This is a total game changer! When you get your brows and lashes tinted you will look 5 years younger and your features will stand out more. Tinting is a non-invasive way of enhancing your brows and lashes. I go to Bside Beauty in Toronto to get my tint on, but most places that offer aesthetic services tint.

The aesthetician places a dye of sorts onto my brows and lashes for about ten minutes and it looks like I’m wearing mascara and filled my brows when she’s done.  Tinting usually lasts about three weeks.

(I went the extra step and got my brows microbladed which is probably the best thing I have ever done for myself but tinting is great to begin with.)


Did you know this was a thing? You can get your lashes tinted and permed which opens up the eyes dramatically.  I was on the fence at first but after trying it I am hooked.


Try these products during the day: I use the Clinique lip balm chubby stick in budding blossom it’s a balm that adapts to the natural pigment in your lips making them appear hydrated with the tiniest bit of tint. This product gets a solid 10/10 and really gives the face a fresh look.

Clinique Budding Blossom Chubby Stick

Try a luminizing primer, apply it to the nose and cheeks. These products add a glow to the skin which will have everyone asking what your secret is.  I love the Laura Mercier and Teeez Cosmetics ones.  There is pigment to them just a beautiful glow.

Swatch of Laura Mercier’s Radiance Primer

Here is what I look like with nothing on but my primer and Clinique chubby stick on

No makeup selfie

Thanks for stopping by ! I hope this post helps you find your inner glow ❤

Shira xo

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