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Being a teen is all about self-discovery and learning about your own unique style, whether through music or fashion and even makeup.  Thanks to social media platforms, teens are now also exposed to makeup and beauty trends a lot sooner than past generations. That’s why choosing products that make you feel comfortable to start your makeup journey with is so important. There are many great Makeup Products For Teens out there but these are my top picks.

This post was inspired by my teenage nieces who are starting to experiment with beauty products and are always coming to me for advice. The teenage years should  really be all about fresh and minimal looks with fun pops of colour or glitter.There is no need for heavy coverage and over-the-top looks when you are young and fresh faced!

Products I recommend :

For the teen that is just getting into the idea of purchasing their first beauty products, here are some of my favourite picks. These barely-there formulas are fun and the perfect starting point for a teen who is interested in learning about what’s on the market.

EOS lip balms with a shimmer option. These fun and iconic lip balms are perfect to have as a first product. They are formulated with natural ingredients; essential oils and the slight shimmer makes them a fun product for blossoming teens


Another outstanding lip product option are the Fresh Cosmetics Lip Treatments  these lip treatments come in several different shades and are an outstanding combo of lip balm and lipstick. Ideal for experimenting with colour.

Fresh cosmetics lip treatments
Fresh cosmetics lip treatments

Charlotte Tilbury Healthy Glow Tinted moisturizer – this is a sheer illuminating tinted moisturizer that gives a natural looking ‘no-makeup’ glow to all skin tones while moisturizing for a soft, radiant complexion.

Annabelle concealers :For the teen who is concerned with blemishes and other hormonally linked skin concerns that often show up during this stage of life, I highly recommend Annabelle Cosmetics. Not only are they affordable, they work and help address any teen skin concerns.

Annabelle Products
Annabelle Products

Burt’s Bees $8.95 and up–  This is an outstanding line of products for the teen who wants to explore with a bit of natural looking blush and shadow. I love that the formulations are made up of natural ingredients, making them gentle on teen skin.

NYX  $5 – $25– if you have a teen who is bold and wants to add fun pops of colour and glitter to their look, then NYX has you covered. The products are very affordable and super fun.

I hope this was helpful and that it gives you a great start to your makeup journey <3

xo Shira

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