My Mommy Makeover With Dior

As you all know by now – well if you follow me on Instagram you know that I am a huge Dior Cosmetics fan. I had never really considered visiting my local Shoppers Drug Mart to explore and learn about new products but I am over them moon happy that I had this experience and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Background Story:

I  have been loyal to the brand for many years now and in my opinion think that they can do no wrong. Seriously, if you are looking for quality skin care, makeup and fragrance you pretty much can never go wrong with a Dior purchase. It is a bit pricier than other brands but it’s definitely worth it. I prefer to buy one Dior product that works over several less expensive products that leave me disappointed.

The Invitation:

I was so excited when Dior Account Executive Solmaz invited me to experience a day of beauty with her. The experience was outstanding! Lunch, coffee and a makeover.

It came at the perfect time as I was also feeling like I wanted to change up my summer beauty routine. Also, I feel that it’s great to get someone else’s opinion. I do my makeup most days and think it looks good but learning about new products and having someone else give me their opinion is always great too.

The Day:

We agreed to meet at the Shoppers Drugmart Beauty Boutique in Bayview Village. Where I met the wonderful and inviting team. Before we started my makeover, we went for the most delicious lunch at O&B. After lunch we grabbed coffee from Starbucks then we were ready to start on my skin care and makeup.

My consultation:

Solmaz immediately identified that my skin is dry, and we discussed the areas in which I needed to improve my skin care.

I can’t believe what a huge difference I saw immediately!

Mommy Makeover
Dior Skin Care

She then did my makeup which is a historic moment for me because I never let anyone else do it for me. But she listened to exactly what I wanted, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. For a daily routine I need quick, easy and pretty this is exactly what was delivered.

What I bought:

The Airflash foundation is one of the biggest game changers flawless foundation that doesn’t feel cakey at all and was applied in seconds. I really can’t get over how fantastic this product is. The heat wave eyeshadow palette is one of the most beautiful colour palettes I have ever used. The colours completely compliment my complection and there are so many ways in which I can use it. Natural for daily looks or smokey for evenings. The orange and mustard tones look a bit scary at first, but one applied they look so neutral and made my eyes pop.

Mommy makeover
Dior Heat Wave Collection

I also bought their dream skin mask and primer as my foundation looked a million times better with the primer on. I have never been so excited about a primer in my life.

Overall my day with Dior was an outstanding experience I am so grateful for the opportunity and I highly recommend visiting your local Dior counter for some new tips and tricks. I guarantee you will love the experience and the results.

Have you ever had a makeover at a local counter ?

Shira xo

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