New Physicians Formula 2021 Makeup Review


I have been a huge fan of Physicians Formula for years now and have gone through more of their Butter Bronzers than I would like to admit. It’s been incredible seeing this outstanding drugstore brand evolve and develop products that have come to be part of my everyday routine. Without further ado let’s dive into the: New Physicians Formula 2021 Makeup Review.

Let’s talk about my every daily makeup routine:

My daily makeup look is natural, soft and something that I feel confident in. I don’t like caking it on and am constantly on the hunt for products that leave me feeling fresh and fabulous.

Physicians Formula recently launched some new additions to their iconic Butter Collection, plus a few other must have makeup products that are so good I have to share my thoughts!

My overall review:

New physicians Formula Makeup Review 2021.

As a beauty blogger and expert, I have the opportunity to try out all the beauty products one could ever wish to try. For something to impress me it has to be really extraordinary, and I can confirm that these products are just that. I am so impressed with the results, wearability and application that every time I use these products, I have to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming.

To put this into context:

I am a 30 plus year old woman with the driest skin on the planet. I can’t stand makeup that settles into my fine lines making my skin look cakey. If a product is too heavy or drying for my skin, it’s an immediate no from me. Having said all of this let’s dive in !

The stars of the Show for me:

The Butter Believe It! Foundation + Concealer:

As I mentioned above, I have very dry skin which typically means that foundations are really hit or miss on me.

Well, I will just leave this picture here to show you how incredible this foundation is on my skin – please note this is not a touched-up picture nor did I use any filters. This is exactly how my skin looks in natural light with the Butter Believe It!  Foundation + Concealer. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Physicians Formula Butter believe it foundation.New physicians Formula Makeup Review 2021.

This foundation is buildable with medium -full coverage and is a foundation/concealer hybrid. I was a bit nervous at first because I don’t like anything too heavy on my skin.

I used a pea sized amount and was able to achieve the most flawless and effortless coverage (as you can see).

It wears like a dream and won’t budge. Quite simply one of the most impressive foundations I have used in years.

Buy the foundation Butter Believe It! Foundation + Concealer here: 

Butter Believe It! Foundation +Concealer

I do apply the Butter Believe It! Putty Primer under the foundation which works like a charm on my dry skin. Smooths out my complexion, fills in pores and keeps my skin and foundation looking flawless.

Butter Believe It! Putty Primer.

Buy the Butter Believe it! Putty Primer Here:

Butter Believe It! Putty Primer

The All-Star Face Palette:

Physicians Formula All Star Palette.New physicians Formula Makeup Review 2021.

This palette is a must have. If you don’t already have one stop what you are doing and go, get one. It has everything you need for contouring, bronzing, blushing and highlighting. Its price point is unbeatable and given that we are all looking a bit paler than usual due to spending so much time at home this palette is essential!

It includes an exclusive shade of the Physicians Formula fan-favorite Happy Booster Blush. Along with all the products you need to achieve a refreshed, radiant looking skin. This convenient palette can be yours for $25.99.

Buy the All-Star Face Palette here:

All-Star Face Palette

Murumuru Butter Eyeshadow Palette:

butter believe it eyeshadow palette swatches.

This is the perfect eyeshadow palette for everyday use!

The shadow selection is gorgeous in terms of the colours and the pigments beautiful.

Additional reasons why I love this palette:

  • The shadows blend seamlessly and effortlessly
  • You can create multiple eye looks with this palette
  • It’s the perfect combination of matte and shimmer
  • The packaging is well thought out and the layout of the palette makes sense in terms of how the colours are grouped

Buy the Murumuru Butter Eyeshadow Palette here:

Murumuru Butter Eyeshadow Palette

Bronzer & Highlighter

Mineral Wear Diamond Dust highlighter:

Diamond Dust highlighter, Physicians Formula review 2021.

Imagine dusting diamond powder on your face? Well now you can make this dream a reality. Sweep this stunning highlighting powder onto the highest points of your face for a sculpted look. Or a light dusting on your entire face to create a translucent veil of luminosity.

Buy the Mineral Wear Diamond Dust highlighter here:

Mineral Wear Diamond Dust highlighter 

Matte Monoi Butter Bronzer:

 Matte Monoi Bronzer

If you are a fan of Physicians Formula bronzers you need to run out to get this product!

It delivers the most stunning airbrush finish imaginable and the matte finish means you can use it as a contour powder or all over for an effortless sun kissed look.

Enriched with monoi and murumuru butters, this bronzer delivers a long lasting look that will be sure to become a staple in your routine.

Buy the Matte Monoi Butter Bronzer here:

Matte Monoi Butter Bronzer 

Diamond Lip Plumpers:

Diamond lip Plumper

These plumpers are dream and make my lips look extra juicy and full!
I am typically not a huge fan of glosses, but the pink shade is so pretty I cannot stop reapplying it. It’s not sticky at all and is one of those products that makes me so happy. It’s the perfect pick me up. I am so happy that I have this for spring!

If you like lip plumpers you will love this!

Bonus, it’s enriched with shea butter which means it plumps and hydrates! I am not sure it gets any better.

Buy the Diamond Lip Plumpers here:

Diamond Lip Plumpers

Eyeliner and mascara:

The Matte Monoi Butter Eyeliner has a matte black finish and boy oh boy is it wonderful. I love a winged liner and this formula is perfect.

  • Easy to work with
  • Extremely black – I don’t like liners that aren’t pitch black
  • Doesn’t budge or smudge

Buy the Matte Monoi Butter Eyeliner here:

Matte Monoi Butter Eyeliner

The Butter Blowout Mascara:

Out of all the products this is my least favourite. It’s a great mascara but all of the other products were so PHENOMENAL that I felt this one was the one that least impressed me. Again, this is a great mascara I am just giving you my honest thoughts.

Buy the Blowout Mascara here:

Blowout Mascara

Eye Booster Slim Brow Pencil:

This brow pencil is better than any of the brow pencils I have bought from high end brands. Its ultra-fine tip makes it easy to fill my brows in and create hair like strokes. The colour is my perfect shade of brown, and my brows look perfect all day when I use it. So yes, I am saying that you don’t need to look any further this is an incredible brow pencil. And you will love it as much if not more than your fancy high end ones.

Buy the Eye Booster Slim Brow Pencil here: 

Eye Booster Slim Brow Pencil

Butter Believe It! Skin Mist :

Butter Believe It! Face Mist.

Physicians Formula didn’t miss a beat with these new launches and they also released a setting spray which no shock here is UNBELIEVABLE. Because of my dry skin I don’t need setting sprays to mattify and help with my makeup staying on all day I need them to help keep me looking hydrated.

This setting spray is infused with murumuru butter, cupucau and tacuma butters to deliver a radiant finish and it does!!

If that’s not enough this setting spray is also packed with essential fatty acids and pro vitamins which condition and moisturise the skin leaving it silky soft.

Buy the Butter Believe it! Skin Mist here:

Butter Believe it Skin Mist 

To summarize my New Physicians Formula 2021 Makeup Review:

If you haven’t already guessed I am head over heels in love with these new launches. I quite literally can’t get over the quality of the formulas, how they wear on my skin and most importantly how amazing I feel when wearing them.

Did you enjoy my New Physicians Formula 2021 Makeup Review? I can’t wait to hear what you buy and try 🙂

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