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Teeez Cosmetics

I recently discovered these amazing products when I was looking for new summer essentials that are easy to apply and can stand up to a bit of heat and humidity. Well the following products are REMARKABLE.

In this post, I am reviewing the Spectrum of Stars Shadows, The Style Addicts Highlighter and the Material Girl Lipstick.
Spectrum of Stars Shadows:

Spectrum of Stars Shadow

I am sharing my 3 favourite colours as there 17 to choose from and for the purpose of a blog post and product review I figured 3 shades would get my point across.

The colours I got my hands on are Vanilla Sunbeam, Magical Fuchsia and Indigo Dare. It must be something to do with me being an 80’s child that I love these colours so much.

Why I love these shadows and why you should get one for yourself:

The packaging is cute and unique. The shadows are encased in little gold balls that remind me of Christmas decorations. They really make the product stand out on my vanity

The pigment is like nothing I have experienced before. You want highly pigmented shadows? Then it’s time you stop what you’re doing and get some of these. I was actually a little shocked by how extreme the pigment was when I first applied it to my lids. In the best kind of way, I was like whoa !! is this really happening right now?!? YESSS

Yup you know what I am going to say they blend wonderfully! They really do! I was particularly worried about the Magical Fuchsia as I could see there was a bit of a red undertone to it so I expected a lot of fall out but there was none. The product is an absolute pleasure to work with and all of the colours did exactly what I was hoping for.

These shadows are enriched with Argan oil and I am not sure if that has anything to do with the unique texture these shadows have. They are powder shadows but the texture is so creamy that it’s almost a mousse hybrid texture.

Wearability :
These shadows last and last and last. I applied my eye makeup at 7am and it was still looking good at 7pm and this is in the heat of summer too.

All in all, I am realllyyy impressed by these shadows and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for shadows that are long lasting and rich in pigment.

The only thing that I find to be a bit of a negative is that they are sold individually and being a makeup artist I always want the option of a palette. But I get it I can’t have it all.

Material Girl Lipstick

Material Girl Lipstick

A solid 10. Honestly every time I pull this lipstick out of my purse people ask me where it’s from it’s so pretty.

Beautiful and creamy, it didn’t dry out my lips at all and didn’t get patchy while I wore it.

The gorgeous peachy shade is very rich in pigment and lasted a lot longer than any of my other regular lipsticks. I loved how it lasted yet remained moisturising and vibrant throughout the time I wore it.
The pigment is bold and the colour is unique. I haven’t seen anything quite like it before and it definitely had me feeling a bit like twiggy circa 1960’s.

Material Girl Lipstick Swatch

Style Addict Highlighter:

Style Addict Highlighter

A stunning package to go with my other beautifully packaged Teeez items.

This highlighter is a creamy mousse texture that goes onto the skin effortlessly and blends out perfectly. I did find that I liked to apply it under my foundation as opposed to on top because it broke my foundation up quite a bit when I tried to apply it on top.
I also thought it looked gorgeous when I mixed a small amount of it into my foundation. I was glowing so beautifully I didn’t want to take my eyes off myself.

This highlighter is buildable and can go from very subtle to pretty bold depending on what mood you are in. It’s a white gold as opposed to a rose or bronze shade so I would recommend it to those with a fairer skin tone as it looks a bit too light on my clients with a deeper skin tone.

Style Addict Highlighter Swatch

Hopefully you found this review helpful and it will help you make a decision next time you are looking to purchase a new product. I picked these funky colors to have some fun with but I will definitely be investing in a few neutrals too. You can get your own Teeez Cosmetics products by clicking this link : Teeez Cosmetics

Thanks for stopping by,

xo Shira

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