How to pick the Perfect Red Lipstick:

Red lips for the holidays

The question on everyone’s lips this time of year is what red lipstick should I be wearing? Wether you are heading off to holiday parties or just feeling festive, nothing says holidays more than a red lip. I am so excited to help you pick the perfect red lipstick.

Here is my comprehensive guide discussing all things red lip related. I have broken it down for you in terms of tone and textures and hope that this helps you make the best choices for your next red lip purchase. 

Let’s talk about tone baby :

There’s more to picking the perfect red lipstick then you’d imagine. There are a variety of red tones from the classic blue reds to warm orange toned reds. 

If you’re on the fairer side you probably have a bit more coolness to your complexion and a red with a blue undertone is what you should invest in. 

While my warmer deeper toned ladies will pop in reds that have an orange undertone. 

A good way to test this is to think of the jewelry you like to wear. If you are attracted to silvers then you will probably look fabulous in a blue toned red. If you are attracted to gold you probably have a warmer undertone and will enjoy the warmth an orange toned red delivers. It’s not cut and dry but in most cases the jewelry you wear  is a good indication of which red will look fab on you. 

Here are great examples of the blue versus orange undertones from Bourjois Paris’s Rouge Fabuleux Lipsticks.

blue versus orange toned lipsticks
  • The texture and feelof these Bourjois lipsticks are amazing ! 
  • Light weight 
  • Up to 10 hours of wear 
  • Precision tip ensures easy and precise application 
Bourjois rouge fabuleux lipsticks

Get one here : Bourjois Rouge Fabuleux


Once you’ve identified your preffered tone. It’s time to consider what texture and finish will best suit you. 

This is very important! because not all lipsticks feel and look the same. The best texture for you will depend on lip texture, size and shape.  

From Rimmel we have their Oh My Gloss reds:

Rimmel Oh My Gloss

Glosses are absolutely perfect for you if you want to wear red but have smaller lips.

These glosses come in our blue and orange tone options and are enriched with moisturising argan oil making them super hydrating. 

  • Gloss adds plumpness and reflect light to give our lips that juicy full look 
  • Easy to apply on the go
  • Gloss is also an ideal option if you are intimidated by wearing red lipstick and want a subtle finish instead of a dramatic pout. 

Burts Bees liquid lipstick in Drenched Dahlia :

Burt's Bees liquid lipstick- perfect for finer lips

This is the ideal option if you want that glossy liquid texture with more pigment.

This liquid lipstick is enriched with Shea Butter is extremely hydrating and feels wonderful on. 

It’s the perfect red to have in your purse this season.

Buxom full force plumping lipstick : 

Buxom full force plumping lipstick perfect for all lips

This lipstick is considered a classic traditional satin lipstick which is not glossy or matte.  It’s the perfect red lipstick for most skin tones making it a universal shade.

This red is a true classic red and is marketed as suitable for all skin tones. 

It has a smoothing plumping element to it because it is enriched with hyalouronic acid and conditioning oils.

Anyone can wear it but it’s especially great if you have thinner lips and don’t want to wear a gloss because it has that plumping element.

It’s also enriched with oils to hydrate the lips. So if you have a lot of texture and suffer from dry lips then this one will help you achieve smoother fuller looking lips.

Get one for yourself here: Buxom Red Baller Lipstick

Charlotte Hot lips 2 matte revolution lipsticks:

Charlotte Tilburry Hot lips 2 lipstick

Matte longwearing lipsticks are ideal if you have naturally fuller lips Matte textures defelect light which is the opposite of what a gloss does.

If you do have larger lips and don’t want to add volume making your lips look even bigger then matte’s are the ideal texture for you ! 

They are very vivid in pigment so they are also wonderful if you like a bold statement. 

Some matte lipsticks can be drying on the lips which is not ideal when the weather is dry. Luckily this formula is ultra-hydrating and feels amazing on. 

There are 2 beautiful options of red in this collection and I adore the packaging too!!

Named after iconic women these beauties are available here : Charlotte Tilbury

Lip liners:

Liners play a big role in achieving that Hollywood worthy red pout. It is optional but they do look great especially when wearing blolder red lipsticks such as the BUXOM and Charlotte Tilburry options.

Why opt for a liner ?

  • Liners come in handy if we want to overdraw our lips to make them look fuller
  • Correct uneven parts of our lip which can be made obvious when wearing red bold lips. 
  • Liners are also great when we line our entire lip and colour it in because we create a waterproof barrier so even the more sheer textured reds last a lot longer. 
  • Liners also prevent feathering so all in all are a wonderful idea when sporting a red lip. 
  • My favourite liners are the pro long wear liners from MAC.

So excited to hear which one is the one for you.

Shira xo

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