7 reasons to exfoliate your skin:

why exfoliation is so good for your skin

Does your skin look dull and blah? Are you noticing deeper fine lines and wrinkles? Are your pores looking congested? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions you need to start exfoliating 🙂 Here are my 7 reasons to exfoliate your skin:

1 – Your skin will look fresh and radiant:

As we age the natural process of exfoliation and shedding dead skin cells slows down significantly. When we exfoliate our skin twice a week we are removing unwanted dead skin cells allowing healthy skin to shine through.  

2 – Your skincare will work efficiently:

When we remove the layer of dead skin cells sitting on the surface of our skin. It’s like removing a barrier between our skincare and our healthy skin. Once we do that our skincare is able to work more efficiently and nourish our healthy new cells. Exfoliating twice a week is the best way to achieve optimum skincare results. 

3 – Skin will look healthier and more even:

Say goodbye to dull patchy looking skin and start exfoliating. Exfoliating stimulates circulation and blood flow. Giving your skin an overall healthier more even tone.

4 – Reduce the size of pores:

Regular exfoliation, will lead to smaller less congested pores. Exfoliating allows fresh skin cells to come up to the surface by way of removing any unnecessary dirt, dead skin cells and oil. 

5 – Better skin texture :

No surprises here but dry patches and textured skin will look smoother once you start to exfoliate more regularly. Sloughing off dry skin that is hanging out on the surface, will help you achieve a smoother and softer feeling skin.

6 – Exfoliation  can help reduce dark spots, acne scars and other blemishes by encouraging cell regeneration. 

7 – Exfoliating reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles:

That layer of dead skin cells that is sitting on the surface of our skin, gets stuck in our fine line and wrinkles. This makes them look deeper than they really are. When we exfoliate on a regular basis our fine lines and wrinkles will look smoother and less visible.

All in all exfoliating is amazing for your skin! The benefits are endless. I think these 7 reasons to exfoliate your skin are enough to get everyone doing it 😉

Using a gentle exfoliator is the way to go and there are a plethora of amazing ones on the market. Exfoliating is suited for all ages and skin types.

My favourite ones are :

Amore Pacific Enzyme Treatment Peel : This is one of my all time favourite Exfoliators ! I have been using to for years. It is a powder form that you add water to and it becomes a paste. It’s gentle and is perfect for all skin types.

Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel

Juice Beauty Peel Spray : If you like quick and easy with immediate results this is the best option out there. It’s a spray ! Simply spray your face while you’re in the shower rub into the skin and you will feel the dead skin cells melt away. Instantly revealing a brighter more radiant complexion.

Juice Beauty Exfoliating Peel Spray

AlumierMD Enzymatic Peel :  For the lady who wants a deeper exfoliation get this ! It’s a stronger formula than the ones mentioned above and delivers outstanding results.

AlumierMD Enzymatic Peel

Here is a recipe for a DIY option with ingredients from your kitchen 🙂

DIY gentle facial exfoliator to enhance your skins natural glow: 

You will need:

  • Coffee grinds 

Coffee is a rich source of caffeine which contains powerful antioxidant properties. It protects your skin cells from harmful free radicals and prevents premature skin aging.

  • Olive Oil 

Olive oil contains fatty acids that moisturize and nourish your skin. Which makes your skin clear and glowing.

  • Honey 

Honey contains mild exfoliation properties that remove dead skin cells which can clog pores. It is also a natural humectant meaning, it draws moisture from the air and seals it into your skin.

How to :

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of each ingredient together in a bowl
  • Apply a thin layer to your face massage into the skin
  • Rinse with warm water to enjoy a homemade exfoliant that your skin will love.

Good skin is always in:

So why not check out my post about the importance of cleansing: Stop Drop and Cleanse

I hope you enjoyed this post and are taking time for a bit of self are amidst the chaos of this unprecedented time.

Stay safe !

Shira xo

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