Canadian Valentine’s Day Gifts For Makeup Lovers

Canadian Valentine's Day gift ideas from Stop Drop and Makeup

Looking for Canadian Valentine’s day gifts for makeup lovers and beauty enthusiasts? I am here to help you make all of your gift purchases easier.

Valentine’s day is my favourite made up holiday of the year because in Canada it’s freezing cold in February, the whimsical hearts and pink décor make me feel happy.

It’s a welcomed break to the grey and dreary backdrop of old man frost. I am also never going to turn down a Valentine’s Day gift from my favourite Canadian makeup and beauty brands.

I am not in it for the mushy romance stuff but for the self-care and amazing Canadian Valentine’s day gifts, makeup lovers and beauty enthusiasts can enjoy. As my grandmother once said to me “if you don’t love yourself no one will”.

It sounds a bit harsh I know but self-love and self-care boosts our confidence and makes us love ourselves so much more. This in turn makes the outside world look at us in that way too 🙂

My Canadian Valentine’s day gifts for makeup lovers and beauty smitten ladies are ideal to buy for yourself, enjoy with a galantine or for dropping those not so subtle hints to your significant other with.

Bonus all of my gift ideas are from Canadian companies and who doesn’t love to support Canadian beauty brands??

5 Amazing Valentines Day Gifts for Makeup Lovers

Gift Idea #1: Rocky mountain soap co gift sets. (From Alberta)

Link to their site: Rocky Mountain Soap co

Let me start off by saying that Rocky Mountain is one of my all-time favourite beauty brands and the fact that they are Canadian makes them have a very special place in my heart.

All of the products they offer would make for a great gift, but these 2 gift sets have a special place in my heart.

Bath bomb set:

Rocky Mountain Soap co Bath bomb set
Rocky Mountain Soap co Bath bomb set

Why this is an amazing gift: 

Made in Alberta, these hand pressed bath bombs are made of all-natural ingredients which I personally love. The lavender is REAL lavender, real oats etc.… you get my point. Needless to say, they smell incredible and turn bath time into a decadent treat. 

Other reasons to fall in love with this gift idea:

  • The packaging is stunning and is 100% recyclable 
  • The entire set of 6 bath bombs is $33 
  • Fun for all ages – children 2 and up can enjoy these beauties

Another Rocky Mountain Soap co set that you have to check out is their:

Hand made soap set.

Rocky Mountain soap co gift set
Rocky Mountain Soap co Soap Set

I initially fell in love with this brand because of these luxe soaps. I had no idea soap could be so amazing till I tried one of these.

These handmade soaps are made from:

  • All-natural ingredients 
  • Free of chemicals 
  • Nourishing oils 

Gift idea # 2 – BITE Beauty Lip Lab Experience (Founded in Toronto)

Bite Beauty Lip lab Lipstick
My BITE beauty lip lab creation

Link to their site : BITE beauty Lip Lab

Canadian makeup brand BITE beauty has the best lipsticks imaginable with shades and textures that make me so excited about I want them all! But they offer another service which in my opinion is hands down the funnest #galantines treat out there.

They have a lipstick lab! Yes, you heard me a lipstick lab, it looks like a bar, but they help you formulate your ideal shade of lipstick. So much fun to experience with your fave ladies and you leave with a lipstick that is unlike any shade out there. 

What else is included when you visit the lip lab:

  • You can buy yourself a glass of wine or bubbly 
  • They serve the most delicious cupcakes
  • You choose the texture of your signature lipstick – matte, satin, sheer 
  • You pick the scent of your lipstick 
  • They engrave your lipstick case for you, so you can name it
  • It also includes a scrub and treatment that they gift you to take home

Their Toronto location is located downtown on queen street. They are a Canadian company but do have lip labs in los Angeles, san Francisco and New York too. 

Gift idea # 3 – Jewelry from Accessories by Talia (Founded in Toronto)

Link to her site: Accessories By Talia

Accessories By Talia Heart hoops. The perfect Canadian Valentines day gif for makeup lovers

For some of us, buying beauty products as gifts can be a bit overwhelming. Not to worry I have just the thing for you.  Accessories by Talia is a Canadian accessory brand with the hottest trends available. 

I love Talia’s accessory because: 

  • I have sensitive skin and can’t wear regular costume jewelry without some major reaction. Talia’s accessories are made out of the best materials. The gold options are all gold-filled meaning that there is an actual layer of gold pressure bonded onto another metal. 
  • Her accessories are affordable 
  • They never tarnish 
  • The layering pieces she has are the best! 

Gift idea # 4 – Fruits and Passion Gift Set (Founded in Quebec)

Link to their website : Fruits and Passion

Fruits and Passion Pink Apple gift set

Fruits and passion are my go-to for fun beauty gifts that are made in Canada. The fragrances are outstanding, and they are always coming up with the most fabulous combos.

There’s not a hallmark holiday that goes by without me buying my friends and family body care products from Fruits & passion. Their V-day gift sets include a sugar scrub and a nourishing body butter.

It’s literally the best combo imaginable, if you’ve never tried a sugar scrub then you need to get this for yourself as a Valentine’s day gift.

More reasons to make you fall in love with this gift set:

  • The packaging is so great you don’t even have to wrap it. Just get a card and you’re set 
  • The Alo line is completely biodegradable and the packaging is recyclable 
  • Their price points are incredible this set is listed on their site for $18
  • You will find something fun for everyone on your list from fruits and passion 

Gift idea # 5 – Lise Watier Fragrances (Founded in Quebec)

A fragrance from Canadian beauty brand Lise Watier is a classic and timeless gift that is a crowd please. Started out in Montreal this Canadian beauty brand is so luxurious I can’t get enough! 

They offer 2 amazing fragrances: They are both available at shopper’s drug mart so you can use your points which I love or online at Sephora. 


Canadian Beauty Valentine's Day gift Watier fragrance

Notes of jasmine, bergamont and vanilla make for a sultry yet refreshing perfume.

Perfect if you love a muskier scent !

Get one for yourself by clicking this link: Lise Watier – Watier Fragarance


Neiges Fragrance

The original scent for Lise Watier, launched 20 years ago and remains a favourite till today.

Notes of white flowers Lily, Magnolia and orange blossom. 

Get one for yourself by clicking this link : Lise Watier Neiges Perfume

Happy Shopping and don’t forget to show yourself lots of love this Valentine’s Day.

Shira xo

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