How to: Organize your Beauty Products

Kick-Start Organizing: Starting with your beauty products.

How to: organize your beauty products

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If social distancing has given your space a ‘lived in’ look, there’s good reason. With our homes in heavy use, and kids at play, our tidying efforts can be quickly undone. I am sharing how to: organize your beauty products as it’s one of the more rewarding places to start.

You can tap into the many benefits of organizing and appreciate longer lasting results. Evaluating the things taking up time and space in our lives and giving them their rightful place is a valuable form of self-care, helps to simplify our daily routines and contributes to our sense of gratitude. 

Ready to start? Let’s break it down.

How to: Organize Your Beauty Products:

1. Identify the Essentials –

Give daily use items an accessible place, like a favourite tray or cosmetic bag. Keep out only what you enjoy looking at and store anything else in a make-up case or nearby drawer.

organizing your beauty products

2. Gather & Sort 

Collect your other cosmetics from cabinets, countertops, etc. and pull aside occasional use items, grouping into your key categories like travel, lips, eyes, seasonal, or skincare.

3. Shop Your Collection –

Consider what samples or older products you can use up now to extend the life of some of your daily essentials, swapping them into rotation.

4. Edit 

Be realistic about what’s still useful, letting go of common clutter causes: anything so old you wouldn’t want to use, things you spent good money on but never liked, gifts that aren’t your taste or style.

5. Give Everything A Place –

How to: Organize your beauty products

Use make-up pouches or baskets to contain your key categories in storage so it’s easy to find what you need when you need it. Labels are helpful to maintain the order.

organizing your beauty products

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It’s surprising how much space you can free up and what forgotten treasures you can uncover. Knowing what you have will guide your future purchases, in keeping with your true sense of style. You’ll be able to get ready each day with a renewed sense of order and it will no doubt help kick-start the motivation to take on additional organizing projects you’ve been wanting to get to.

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