UGG Fluff Yeah Slide Review

Ugg Fluff Yeah Slide

I am the type of person who always wears slippers when I am indoors. Which is most of the time these days. Walking around the house with bare feet is not my jam. I simply cannot do it. It’s a bit of a princess and the pea type situation. I stand on one tiny grain of rice, sand, dust and my whole world is turned upside down hahaha. It is what it is, I have sensitive feet and the only time you’ll catch me bare footed is if I am on a beach or at a pool. That’s why I was intrigued when I saw an ad for the new UGG Fluff Yeah Slide.

UGG Fluff Yeah Slide Review:

Here is my honest review of the UGG fluff yeah slides.

I bought them with my own money they were not a gift. 

I don’t usually spend $125 on shoes let alone slippers. But given the amount of time I am spending at home these days and the amount of time I spend in my slippers. I figured the cost per wear on these is worth it. 

So was it worth it ?

Yes definitely! Here are 5 reasons why I am loving the UGG Fluff Yeah Slides.

  1. They are obviously gorgeous to look at. I don’t think that slippers necessarily have to be trendy but these have elevated my indoor loungewear look in a big way. I bought them in the shade California Aster which is a gorgeous cool toned lavender ! SOO PRETTY.
  2. The strap addition on the back of the slipper is amazing and really secures the shoe to my foot. I have slipped up and down the stairs in my slippers in the past. I really enjoy how secure my foot feels in these slippers.
  3. They are open toe. I personally can’t stand slippers that are closed toe because I get way too hot in them. The open toe on these is an amazing feature because they are super warm slippers with the perfect amount of breathability.
  4. I have never owned a pair of comfier indoor shoes – the sole of the shoe is really sturdy. I thought they would be softer but they are actually really firm which makes them really comfortable for long wear.
  5. They have a bit of a platform which I personally love because I am 5”2 and love anything that gives me height even if it’s a slipper.

A few things to note: 

  • I have a narrow foot so I went half a size down as the shoe is quite wide.
  • The sole is very sturdy, it’s not soft. If you are looking for a softer slipper than this is not for you. At first I was surprised with how sturdy the sole of the shoe is but now I am loving the extra support they offer! 
ugg fluff yeah slide

All in all they are worth every penny and I don’t think I will ever take them off! 

In light of us all spending more time at home make sure you’re taking care of your mental health and showing yourself some kindness. Here is an article I wrote about self care and mental health.

Sit back kick those feet up (while wearing your UGG slides) and take 10 for yourself !

UGG fluff yeah slide

Shira xo

Here’s an affiliate link for you to shop for your own pair 🙂 This is where I got mine and they arrived within 5 days.


UGG fluff yeah slides


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