The Best Gifts For Father’s Day 2020

Grooming upgrades for Dad:

With Father’s Day on the horizon, one good way to say thanks to dad is to gift him some self-care goodness for a change. Spoil dad with these amazing grooming upgrades. Get Dad the best gifts for Father’s Day 2020.

Make grooming Dads favourite part of his day. 

The Best Gifts For Father’s Day 2020:

Smart Electric Toothbrush:

Smart Toothbrush for dad

You may think that this sounds like a weird gift option but there are so many amazing sleek options available. Dad will be delighted to receive a gift that is functional and stylish. You can pair most electric toothbrushes to your phone via an app which is especially fun if your dad likes gadgets and technology. 

Find one here: Smart Toothbrush

Turkish Towels:

Best 2020 Father's Day Gift Ideas

Turkish towels like the name suggests are made from the highest quality Turkish cotton fibers. Not only are they gorgeous to look at and a definite aesthetic upgrade from a regular towel. They are lightweight and extremely absorbent. They also take up less room and dry a lot faster than regular towels. These are the ideal summer towel for dad as they add a touch of luxury for everyday use.

You can find this product here: Turkish Towels

Shaving Kit:

Shaving kit for dad

A shaving kit is a wonderful gift for dad and a fun way for dad to explore new shaving techniques and products. Dad will definitely be able to up his game in the grooming department with an elegant shaving kit. 

Find one here: Shaving Kit For Dad

Facial Hair Trimmer:

Facial hair trimmer

A nose and ear hair trimmer is a great gadget for dad especially at a time where we can’t get to the barber shop for regular maintenance. This mini hair epilator is small, sleek and does an amazing job in minutes. The trimmer removes hair seamlessly causing absolutely no pain. Dad will also be able to groom his brows, edge his beard/ facial hair and much more with this nifty gadget.

Get one here: Facial Hair Trimmer

Hand and Nail Products:

Dry hands and brittle nails are a symptom of us washing our hands more frequently these days, gardening and housework can contribute too. Gift dad a luxurious nail and hand cream set that he can use to replenish and hydrate his hands. 

Get your hand and nail kit here: Hand and nail kit

Scented Soap or Soap on a Rope:

Gift dad scented body care or a classic soap on a rope. Shower products and body care are a meaningful gift to upgrade dads shower time. 

Get your soap on a rope here: Soap on a rope.

A Luxury Fragrance:

Jo Malone Cologne

If you want to go with a classic gift you can’t go wrong with a luxury fragrance. With so many options to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice when picking something for dad. Jo Malone fragrances are a personal favourite and Paul adores them ! These are the ideal fragrances for men who like to smell like a million bucks without being overpowering and over the top.

Shop this fragrance here: Jo Malone Fragrance

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing Dads out there !

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