How to: Achieve Radiant Glowing Skin

With stay-at-home restrictions slowly being lifted across Canada, not only are we experiencing yet another lifestyle change, but also a seasonal change. After more than two months of being cooped up indoors, our skin has become dull – thanks to dry conditions, stress, and anxiety. Want to know how to: achieve radiant glowing skin ? Continue reading 😉

Now that we can soon head back outdoors, we’ll be getting exposed to sun, heat, and humidity. So how can we practice safe skin while also taking it from dull to radiant? 

My 5-Step Skin Reboot will help skin look and feel better, you will feel refreshed and radiant.

5 – Step Skin Reboot :

STEP 1 – Switch your soap or gel cleanser for an oil/milk based cleanse:

Our skin is starved for hydration and if we use something too soapy, we’re stripping the natural oil. Using an oil cleanser is nourishing and hydrating and yes, will even work for oily skin. 

Product Recommendation:

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Oil Cleanser

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Oil Cleanser: $45

This cleanser has been a personal favourite of mine for years now. I call it the secret sauce to good skin. It’s the most luxurious cleanser out there and it will take your skin from dry and dull to hydrated and radiant.

Deeply cleanse and purify your skin with this grapeseed oil rich cleanser. It also provides powerful antioxidant action with vitamin E & C

More reasons to love this cleanser:

  • It’s certified organic 
  • Vegan and leaping bunny certified
  • Will remove stubborn makeup
  • Paraben and sulphate free 

I have recommended this cleanser to hundreds of people and the reviews and results are always amazing!

STEP 2 – Adding in a brightening serum with Vitamin C for a radiance boost

This is the perfect step to do after you cleanse your skin. A serum that’s rich in antioxidants regenerates skin to add brightness. 

Vitamin C is going to become your skins best friend. It protects the skin against harmful free radicals that lead to cell damage, it evens out skin tone and reduces the appearance of dark spots and sun spots.

Vitamin C will boost your skins natural radiance, which is something we all crave.

If you want to boost your skins radiance look no further. The results from these products are going to have you admiring your skin non-stop. 

Product Recommendations:

Neostrata Vitamin C concentrate capsules:

  • Concentrated pure vitamin C
  • Targets dull skin for overall luminosity 
  • These are for you if you are looking for instant results.

Neostrata Vitamin C serum: 

  • Targets dark spots
  • Formulated with Vitamins B3 and C
  • Targets uneven skin tone

Neostrata is a physician grade skin care brand backed by science and research. Both of these products are perfect for all skin types and will give your skin the ultimate GLOW UP!

Step 3 – Exfoliate twice a week

Slough off dullness to reveal fresh, renewed skin. Bonus: this will also help soak in the serum from step two. 

 Product Recommendation:

Neutrogena bright boost resurfacing micro polish:

Neutrogena Bright Boost Exfoliator
  • Exfoliates skin with 3x the polishing power of a normal scrub
  • Removes skin-aging dullness with gentle polishing particles
  • Contains Mandelic and Glycolic acids for visibly brighter smoother skin

Step 4 – Use a Broad Spectrum SPF

Product Recommendation:

Shiseido ultra sun protection lotion: 50 + Broad Spectrum Protection:

Shiseido SPF

 We haven’t had a lot of sun exposure so protecting it from UV rays and damage is an absolute must! 

  • Ideal for protecting the skin on our face neck and back of hands. 
  • Sun protection featuring Wet force technology which reacts positively to sweat or water on contact to activate additional SPF strength.
  • You can enjoy being active outdoors while your SPF stays put and gives you maximum protection.
  • The texture is outstanding, lightweight and comfortable.
  • It turns invisible when applied making it perfect for all skin tones. 

Shiseido UV Lip colour splash:

Protect your lips from the sun for up to 80 minutes with these amazing glosses form Shiseido. Such a cool innovation and the colour selection is ideal for summer. 

Step 5 Use an overnight treatment mask:

Product recommendation:

Dream Cream Night Repair cream-in-mask:

Jouviance Dream Skin for radiant glowing skin
  • Hydrates, regenerates and brightens,
    • Use it on your face, neck, eye contour and lips 
    • When we sleep our skin is hard at work regenerating and repairing itself.
  • Dream Cream’s role? To support, stimulate and maximize these skin functions .
  • Wake up to skin that’s plump, luminous and rested in the morning.
  • Free of parabens, sulphates, phthalates, mineral oil, dyes, artificial fragrances. None of the nasties and all of the benefits. 
  • Apply it as you would your nightly moisturiser and let it work it’s magic while you sleep 
  • Get your Dream Skin Here : Jouviance Dream Skin

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